Sun ships flash-based disk array

By Kevin Komiega

-- In the midst of being acquired by Oracle, and with questions looming about the future of its storage business, Sun Microsystems is plowing ahead with new product rollouts. The company today announced the Sun Storage 7310 Unified Storage system, a flash-powered disk array that uses Hybrid Storage Pool technology to take advantage of solid-state disk (SSD) drives.

The Hybrid Storage Pool allows for intelligent data placement in tiered environments with SSDs. The 7310 can be configured with a maximum of 64GB of DRAM cache and up to an additional 600GB of SSD cache (1.2TB in clustered versions) for enhanced application performance.

The cluster option supports high availability application environments with continuous data access, as well as DTrace Analytics software for analytics and reporting.

The 7310 scales from 12TB to 96TB of disk capacity and consumes 3x less power than traditional storage arrays, according to Sun.

The array has four Gigabit Ethernet ports per controller and optional 10GbE connectivity, and each controller has two PCI slots for additional network or tape backup connectivity.

Pricing for the 7310 starts at $40,165.

In April, Sun and Oracle announced a definitive agreement under which Oracle will acquire Sun for approximately $7.4 billion. Sun will continue to operate separately until the deal closes.

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This article was originally published on May 27, 2009