And the winners are . . .

At the recent I/O Technologies Forum and Server I/O conference, Compaq's Richard Lary received the Lifetime Achievement Award based on his contributions to I/O technology development. Other winners in the attendee voting process were Compaq's ESA12000 disk array as Product of the Year for 1999 and Veritas Software's V3 Storage Appliance in the Best New Technology for 2000 category.

The conference was sponsored by Strategic Research, and profiles of the winners are available at www.sresearch. com/itf2000/award/index.html. Nominees for the awards were based on more than 10,000 votes.

With over 25 years at Digital Equipment Corp. and Compaq, Lary was instrumental in developing the Digital Storage Architecture, VAXclusters, RAID controllers and Compaq's Enterprise Network Storage Architecture (ENSA), the company's blueprint for storage area networks. (A feature article written by Lary, "Addressing SAN security issues," appears in this issue.)

Compaq's ESA12000 was introduced early last year. The Fibre Channel RAID array includes features such as disaster tolerance, remote copy capabilities, and multiplatform support (Windows NT, Tru64 Unix, OpenVMS, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, NetWare, and Irix).

Veritas' V3 Storage Appliance suite is part of the company's V3 initiative, which also includes V3 SAN Management Tools and V3 SAN Access Layer. (For details, see "Veritas lays out 'virtual' SAN initiative," InfoStor, December 1999, p. 1.) V3 tools employ virtualization techniques to mask the complexities of SAN resource management, providing a logical view of network resources, or "appliances." The tools are licensed to OEMs and can be integrated with Veritas software such as Volume Manager and Cluster Server.

V3 Storage Appliance software provides virtualization services that, when layered on top of Volume Manager, present logical disks to host servers attached to a Fibre Channel SAN. The SAN Access Layer correlates information from communications between hardware, employing standard protocols and other APIs and presents it under one uniform API to storage management applications. V3 SAN Management Tools can be used to monitor storage resource availability and performance by employing agents controlled through a Java console.

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Richard Lary
Technical director, Compaq

This article was originally published on March 01, 2000