Gadzoox acquires SmartSAN

By Dave Simpson

Last month, Gadzoox Networks acquired SmartSAN Systems, a privately held vendor of multi-protocol routers and management software. Gadzoox hopes in part to differentiate itself from its hub and switch competitors, such as Ancor, Brocade, and Vixel. But the acquisition should also help Gadzoox enable the integration of SANs, LANs, and WANs.

"We're going to aggressively pursue two areas: tying data center SAN islands together, and tying SANs to LANs, WANs, and legacy SCSI, and that's where the SmartSAN acquisition comes in," says Bill Sickler, president and CEO of Gadzoox. "Long term, routing and switching are going to converge, although not necessarily in one product."

Gadzoox officials declined to comment on specific product plans, saying only that the company will ship a router in the third quarter.

SmartSAN currently sells the SR2001 router, with two Fibre Channel ports and four SCSI ports. However, according to Dave Tang, Gadzoox's vice president of marketing, Gadzoox will ship a successor to the SR2001, which is currently in development. "We're interested in applying their router technology to LANs and WANs, including Gigabit Ethernet and ATM," says Tang.

The product is expected to compete with bridges and routers from vendors such as Crossroads (currently a Gadzoox partner) and Chaparral, as well as with multiprotocol routers from vendors such as Computer Network Technology (CNT), Pathlight, and Vicom.

Gadzoox plans to integrate its Ventana management software with SmartSAN's Java-based SmartCafe SNMP SAN management software.

Under the agreement, all outstanding shares and options of SmartSAN stock will be exchanged for Gadzoox stock at an aggregate value of approximately $23.5 million.

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Bill Sickler
President and CEO, Gadzoox Networks

This article was originally published on April 01, 2000