InQuinox accelerates PureDisk deduplication

By Dave Simpson

-- InQuinox launched itself recently with the release of an acceleration appliance for Symantec's NetBackup PureDisk deduplication software, and followed up this month with the introduction of a migration utility for SAN booting systems.

The InQuinox executive team has deep roots in Symantec/Veritas, including CTO Ray Schafer, vice president of services Jack McKinney and CEO Brad Hargett.

The SD3 appliance is pre-loaded with PureDisk deduplication software, and includes server technology from Corvalent and disk array technology from Atrato. Four models are available, with capacity ranging from 1.3TB (model 1T) to 96TB (model 96T) with SATA drives. High-availability versions are configured with Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) software.

Although actual performance depends on a number factors, the company claims 6.3TB-per-hour in deduplicated backup mode with one content router. InQuinox's primary competitor is deduplication market leader Data Domain.

InQuinox officials also cite the energy efficiency of the appliances, which consume less than five watts per TB and 15 BTUs per hour per TB.

Pricing for the SD3 appliance starts at $4,964 with 1.3TB of usable capacity, and ranges from $4/GB to $9/GB for higher-end models.

This month, InQuinox introduced the SanXfer (pronounced "sansfer") migration utility for Windows-based SAN booting systems. Company officials claim that the utility can migrate booting systems in minutes, compared to manual methods that may take days.

The utility can be used by organizations that are already booting from SANs, or for those that want to convert from a local booting system to more efficient SAN-based booting. The software works with any server vendor, model or attached devices, eliminating the need to have identical servers. In addition, IT organizations can use SanXfer in conjunction with existing replication technologies for disaster recovery purposes. The software supports Windows and VMware, and physical and virtual servers.

SanXfer is sold in bundles that include InQuinox's SanXfer Library Servers (with driver cache) and client licenses. A 10-user bundle is priced at $14,495, and a 100-user package is priced at $59,495.

InQuinox resellers include Collective, Compucom, Daymark, gtsi and Teqsys.

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This article was originally published on November 24, 2009