Inrange ships 64-port Fibre Channel switch

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Taking aim at the market segment dominated by McData Corp., Inrange Technologies last month began shipping a high-end "director" class Fibre Channel switch with 64 ports. According to International Data Corp., director switches are the fastest-growing segment of the overall Fibre Channel hub and switch market. IDC predicts a 129% compound annual growth rate for Fibre Channel directors over the next few years. (For more information on Fibre Channel hub and switch shipments, see InfoStor, April, p. 1.)

Part of Inrange's IN-VSN (Virtual Storage Networking) family, the FC/9000-64 switch supports Class 2 and Class 3 service levels, and includes fully redundant components. The FC/9000 is priced at $4,375 per port. The switch is based in part on technology from Ancor Communications, and Ancor will resell a version of Inrange's switch. A 128-port director switch is due in the fourth quarter. www.inrange.com.

McData announces low-end FC switch

McData Corp. has rounded out the low end of its Fibre Channel switch line by announcing an eight-port fabric switch that incorporates many of the fault-tolerant features of McData's 32-port director switches. Redundant components include hot-pluggable optics, power supplies, power connections, and fans. The ECS-1000 (Enterprise Con- nectivity Switch) is targeted at workgroup environments, particularly those consolidating Windows NT/2000 servers and storage resources. In addition to NT consolidation, McData is targeting applications such as private loop connectivity and tape aggregation/pooling.

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The ECS-1000 will include eight FL ports with copper or fiber GBICs, one bridge port (fiber only), and a 10/100 Base T Ethernet port. The switch can be used in arbitrated loop or fabric topologies, and can be managed with McData's Enter-prise Fabric Connectivity (EFC) software. Volume shipments are scheduled in August, at a price of $4,999 for a version with one power supply. www.mcdata.com.

Gadzoox boosts switch port count

Gadzoox Networks is expected to begin shipments within the next month of a 12-port plug-in module (PIM) for its line of Capellix 3000 Fibre Channel switches. The non-blocking architecture is based on a 28Gbps switching engine. The company is targeting applications such as server clustering.

A Capellix 3000 switch can be configured with as many as three PIMs with GBIC, multi-mode dual-SC, DB-9 or HSSDC port connectors. The Model 3140 PIM includes 11 HSSDC connectors and one GBIC connector with up to 32 active ports per switch. The 3140 PIM is priced at $3,495; a fully configured 32-port switch is priced at $18,480, or $577.50 per port. www.gadzoox.com.

Emulex adds VI support to HBAs

Last month, Emulex added support for the Virtual Interface (VI) architecture in its line of LightPulse Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs). VI provides low-latency, system-to-system communications for applications such as server clustering. The addition of VI to Fibre Channel HBAs enables integrators to combine clustering and storage area networks (SANs). The adapters are field-upgradeable via firmware.

VI allows applications to communicate directly to adapters using either special hardware or a "lightweight" software path, instead of a driver. www.emulex.com.

ConnectCom enters FC HBA market

ConnectCom is expected to enter the market for Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) next month with a $549 (in quantities of 50 units) board with copper connections. Pricing for the GBIC version was not established at press time. The CSBF1000 HBA is a 1Gbps device that is compatible with 32/64-bit, 33/66MHz PCI systems. The HBA supports both FC-IP and FCP-SCSI protocols. Software features include zoning and file sharing.

ConnectCom also introduced the Advan-Sys ASC38C1600 dual-channel Ultra-160 SCSI chip and the AdvanSys ASB3950U160MW Ultra160 SCSI-PCI host adapter. In 1,000-unit quantities, the chip is priced at $63.35 and the host adapter at $299. www.connectcom.net.

ICP ships low-cost RAID controllers

With prices ranging from $1,245 (one channel) to $1,705 (three channels), ICP vortex's GDT line of Wide/Ultra2 SCSI RAID controllers are compatible with 32-bit PCI systems. The controllers are based on 100MHz Intel i960 RS RISC processors, and come with 16MB to 128MB PC100 DIMM modules. Features include online capacity expansion, online RAID level migration, variable stripe size, and automatic sector remapping. A two-channel version is priced at $1,475. www.icp-vortex.com.

AMI enters IDE RAID market

American Megatrends Inc.'s HyperDisk is an IDE hard drive accelerator/controller for PCI systems, providing a low-cost alternative to SCSI drives. The controller is designed for workstations and entry-level servers with Ultra ATA/DMA disk drives. Maximum transfer rates are 133MBps at the PCI Bus Master level, and 33MBps at the Ultra ATA level. Price: $149.95. www.ami.com.

Cyclone debuts Ultra2 SCSI-PCI RAID

Based in part on technology licensed from American Megatrends Inc. (AMI), Cyclone Microsystems' CPCI-945 is an Ultra2 SCSI-PCI RAID controller that comes in a 6U CompactPCI form factor. Compatible with 64-bit CompactPCI systems, the Intel i960RN-based controller offloads all RAID processing from the host processor. The CPCI-945 includes four 80MBps Ultra2 (LVD) SCSI channels with up to 15 Wide and 7 non-Wide SCSI devices per channel. PCI bus speed is 266MBps. Up to 128MB of cache is available.

In quantities of 1,000 units, a controller with 64MB of cache is priced at $1,627. www.cyclone.com.

nStor packs 8 drives in 2U form factor

nStor Technologies' NexStor 802F holds eight disk drives (400GB total capacity) in a 2U (less than 3.5-inches) enclosure that fits into 19-inch racks. The enclosure can be populated with 1-inch or 1.6-inch Fibre Channel drives (7,200rpm or 10,000rpm). Users can daisy-chain as many as 14 enclosures via hot-swappable hubs.

The company also announced the NexStor 3150, which integrates Fibre Channel RAID controllers in the 802F enclosure. Features include up to 256MB of ECC cache, failover/failback support, cache mirroring, and support for up to 125 Fibre Channel drives for a total capacity of 6.3TB.

The NexStor 802F enclosure is shipping now; the NexStor 3150 subsystem will be available in late July. www.nstor.com.

Land-5 intros 1U NAS thin server

Land-5's iCEbox InstaNAS is a thin server with software that can convert a JBOD storage enclosure to a network-attached storage (NAS) RAID server. Packaged in a 1U footprint, the server supports Wide Ultra2 SCSI or Fibre Channel disk drives and can be connected directly to Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet LANs. The company claims an installation time of less than 30 minutes.

ICEbox InstaNAS is based on Linux software, and supports the NFS and SMB/CIFS protocols for heterogeneous file sharing. The NAS device is priced at $4,850 for a configuration that includes a Pentium III, 256MB of RAM, an Ultra2 SCSI controller, 10/100 Ethernet interface, two hot-swappable 9GB drives, and software. www.land-5.com.

Procom augments NAS line

Priced at $0.14 per MB for a 360GB model, Procom Technology's Net-FORCE 1500 is a network-attached storage (NAS) appliance, or "filer." Compatible with NFS and CIFS, the 1500 is based on Procom's storage-specific operating system and 64-bit journaling file system. The appliance supports RAID 5, and is available with optional local tape backup that supports the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP). The NetFORCE holds up to ten Ultra2 LVD SCSI drives for a total capacity of 360GB.

Pricing ranges from $22,000 to $50,000. www.procom.com.


Dynamic Network Factory's Dynamo is a network-attached storage (NAS) server that supports RAID 5, and Unix, Linux, Windows, NT, and Macintosh clients. Capacity ranges from 75GB to 450GB (with 12 hot-swappable drives). Other features include an 800MHz processor, up to 1GB of internal cache, support for Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet, and Java-based management software.

A 112GB configuration is priced at $3,000. www.DynamicNetworkFactory.com.


ATL announces Fibre Channel interface

Quantum/ATL's P3000 and P6000 DLTtape libraries now feature log-on capabilities for multi-switch Fibre Channel fabrics, providing full access to consolidated storage across storage area networks (SANs). With this feature, corporations with multi-server SANs can consolidate their storage on single P3000 or P6000 libraries.

The technology is made possible by a 24-bit address featuring a unique World Wide Name. The address allows the libraries to take part in switched fabric networks, including cascaded multi-level fabrics with multiple data paths. Testing has been completed with Brocade's Fibre Channel fabric switches; Emulex, JNI, and QLogic host adapters; and Window NT and Solaris hosts.

The P3000 and P6000 libraries are based on ATL's Prism Library Architecture and can be expanded to include up to 80DLT drives and 1,630 cartridges, with uncompressed throughput to 1.44 terabytes per hour and capacity to 57TB. www.atlp.com.

Vicom develops instant backup/restore

Vicom Systems last month announced the first stand-alone instant tape backup and restore system designed to handle e-commerce databases for dot coms.

The hardware configuration, which is installed at Net2Phone, includes two Sun E6500 hosts (with four JNI Fibre Channel adapters each) connected to two loops of 32 18GB SSA drives via Vicom's Serial Loop IntraConnect (SLIC) storage routers. Each loop is configured as eight mirror drives and 16 Instant Copy drives, for a total of 24 logical drives per loop.

Central to the installation is Vicom's Instant Copy Script, which coordinates the automatic tape backup process. The installation's two sets of 16 Instant Copy drives are used as different sets of backup copies of the eight mirror drives. The software is integrated with Veritas Volume Manager, Server Cluster, NetBackup, and Oracle. www.vicom.com.

Plasmon previews SAN-ready libraries

At last month's CA World, AIIM, and FOSE shows, Plasmon demonstrated a new line of SAN-ready tape libraries. The libraries target enterprise and midrange backup and restore applications, and complement the company's existing line of Magstar MP products. Individual models will be announced over the next several months. IBM will be the primary supplier of LTO-Ultrium drives for the new automation line, which will scale from 1TB to 50TB. www.plasmon.com.

CommVault certifies Overland libraries

Last month, CommVault Systems certified Overland Data's DLT libraries (the Library Xpress, MinilibraryXpress, and Loader-Xpress DLTtape) for use with its Galaxy storage management software suite. Galaxy provides a synchronized two-part fault-resistant indexing scheme and operational "re-startability" that automatically completes interrupted backup, recovery, or administrative jobs in LAN, SAN, and NAS environments. www.commvault.com.


Plasmon boosts optical NAS

Last month, Plasmon demonstrated connectivity enhancements to its optical NetReady network-attached thin servers. The systems support multiple operating systems (NT, NetWare, Unix) and formats, including DVD-RAM, MO, CD-ROM, and CD-R. NetReady can be plugged into Ethernet or Fast Ethernet via a standard RJ45 network jack without disrupting traffic. Up to 50 clients can simultaneously access the jukebox. Prices start at $5,995. www.plasmon.com.

S&F ships CD Recorders

Smart & Friendly is shipping a CD-R drive with MP3 encoding capabilities. The CD-SpeedWriter 32 provides 4x write, 4x rewrite and 32x playback speeds with a 2MB buffer. The drive is bundled with Ahead Nero, Ahead inCD, MediaPath CD-QuickShare with MA32, and ECI Disc Inspector Pro. Estimated street price is $199. www.smartandfriendly.com.

Asaca RAIDs DVD libraries

Asaca and its master distributor NET Source have added a RAID option to Asaca's TeraCart Digital Virtual Library (DVL) series. Users can configure two to five DVD-RAM drives in mirror or striping mode to improve data transfer rates by as much as 400%, officials say.

In a RAID set of five drives, four drives are used for the RAID set, with the other drive functioning as a checksum drive.

Pricing starts at $30,000. www.asaca.com or www.netsource.cc.

Disc announces DVD libraries

Disc Inc. introduced it's first line of DVD-RAM libraries in April. The DV Series ships with capacities ranging from 156GB to 1.6TB. The libraries provide 1.35MBps record speed, 2.7MBps play back speed for DVD media, and 2.4MBps for CD-ROM discs.

DV Series libraries, compliant with DVD Forum standards, can also read media in CD Audio, CD-R, CD-RW, video CD, and DVD-ROM formats. Prices start at $7,600. www.discjuke.com.


TrueSAN intros SAN platform

TrueSAN Networks recently introduced SANdesigner, an Internet software platform for developers designing storage area networks (SANs). SANdesigner enables users to prototype a customized SAN framework. SANdesigner then determines the hardware and software components, such as RAID levels, backup devices, and Fibre Channel connectivity devices. www.truesan.com.

Educom ships e-mail management suite

Educom has introduced Exchange Archive Solution (EAS) storage management software designed to move e-mail from on-line to near-line and off-line storage. EAS works with Microsoft Back Office to enable companies to archive e-mail attachments to a central repository where they can be compressed and accessed faster. Geographically dispersed organizations using EAS can link and access via TCP/IP to all of the corporate Microsoft Exchange e-mail stores, which helps avoid e-mail redundancy. www.educom.on.ca/eas.

Raxco releases disk utility

Raxco Software is now shipping RepairDisk Man-ager, a utility that automates the creation and use of emergency backup disks for Windows NT 4.0 and 2000 systems. Administrators can create backup disks, used to recreate a system when it's inoperable, from a central location and store them anywhere on a network. Company officials claim the utility will improve recovery times by not having to manually use emergency repair disks, while saving time because individual backup disks no longer have to be created for each location. Pricing starts at $149 for five workstations and $299 for two servers. www.raxco.com.

Peer improves data synch

Peer Software recently released version 5.0 of PeerSync Pro II, a data synchronization software suite designed to promote data consistency, disaster recovery, software distribution and network management across WAN, LAN, and SAN environments. Via a remote connection, files can be synchronized with those on the network, as well as between laptops and desktops. The latest version also provides simplified, wizard-driven setup routines and an increased range of user-defined synchronization/backup options. www.peersoftware.com.

Breece Hill offers mixed-media library

Last month, Breece Hill announced a 4-drive x 50-cartridge mixed-media tape library for midrange Unix and NT environments. The Q4.30/50, which sports a drive-independent universal load plate, supports any mix of linear tape drives, including DLT, SDLT, and LTO. An optional DataIQ Network Interface provides centralized, remote network connectivity and monitoring via the Web, e-mail alerts, or SNMP.

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A fully configured library with DLT8000 drives holds up to 2TB of native capacity, with an 86GB/hour transfer rate. (A 30-cartridge library is also available.) The library is said to be fully compatible with any SAN or NAS architecture.

The base library is available now; the DataIQ Network Interface option will be available in July.

The MSRP for a 30-slot library with an HVD SCSI interface and one DLT7000 or 8000 drive is $23,499; a comparably equipped 50-slot library is priced at $25,046. www.breecehill.com.

Cygnet unveils "RAIDed" DVD library

Cygnet Storage Solutions last month introduced the InfiniRAIL DVD-RAM library, which is based on RAID controllers from Ultera Systems. InfiniRAIL can be configured with up to five 100-disc, 2-drive or 4-drive Cygnet id 100 libraries on one optical RAID controller. By striping four drives in the maximum configuration, the system provides write transfer rates of 5.5MBps and read rates of more than 10MBps. RAID 0, 1, and 3 are supported. InfiniRAIL can also be configured with Cygnet's new InfiniDISC+ DVD-RAM libraries. Pricing starts at $35,000.

The InfiniDISC+ DVD-RAM library increases total capacity from 500 discs up to 1,500 discs. The workgroup and departmental versions contain 6 and 14 drives, and store 500 and 1,000 discs, respectively. An enterprise version enables users to add 500 discs at a time without enlarging the system footprint.

Through its InfiniNET modules, the jukebox can be network-connected via Ethernet, and managed and configured without taking down the network or altering proprietary settings. The modules also facilitate data sharing and access among heterogeneous platforms, including Windows, NetWare, Apple, and Unix. Pricing starts at $11,795. www.cygnet.com.

This article was originally published on May 01, 2000