SNIA delivers CIM Object Manager

By Dave Simpson

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) has released open source code for the Common Information Model (CIM) Object Manager, which will eventually be used to manage all network objects, including storage devices, servers, clusters, and applications.

"Ultimately, this will enable a standard way to manage all devices in a storage network," says Larry Krantz, SNIA chairman, and a senior technologist with EMC. The standard will be implemented by component manufacturers and management software framework developers, with a goal of making it easier for network administers to manage heterogeneous networks. Krantz expects widespread adoption within two years.

The Java-based CIM Object Manager is an implementation of the Distributed Management Task Force's (DMTF) Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) standard. (For more information, see InfoStor, January, p. 32, "Using CIM and WBEM for management.") CIM Object Manager code operates as a service layer, interfacing management agents and data providers to client applications. Essentially, it describes the management structure of devices and provides a model for extracting management information from those devices.

Krantz describes CIM Object Manager as a future management interface that will succeed existing management standards such as the Internet Engineering Task Force's Management Information Base (MIB). For more information, visit www.snia.org.

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Larry Krantz
SNIA chairman

This article was originally published on May 01, 2000