Permabit drives down archiving costs

By Kevin Komiega

-- Permabit Technology is using bigger drives, faster processors and capacity optimization techniques to power the newest storage node in its Enterprise Archive Data Center Series of archiving platforms. The result, according to company executives, is an archiving system that costs less than $1 per GB.

The Enterprise Archive Data Center Series Model 4010, released today, uses 1TB Seagate ES.2 Enterprise SATA drives to double the capacity of individual storage nodes to 4TB and boosts total archive capacity from 32TB to 4.6PB.

With the 4010, Permabit has improved system performance by approximately 280% from previous nodes due to a move from dual-core processors to Intel's Xeon quad-core processors and some software enhancements.

The 4010 also features in-line data de-duplication, built-in file-level WORM (write once, read many) capabilities and snapshot technology.

Permabit positions its archiving platform as a so-called "value tier" of storage for static data that currently resides on primary storage systems. Permabit's chief technology officer, Jered Floyd, says the 4010 drives total cost of ownership down to the sub-dollar range through a combination of new components and software.

"The 1TB drives are approximately the same cost as previous 500GB versions and we can now use a single quad-core processor rather than a pair of dual-core processors," says Floyd. "And our modest 3:1 data reduction ratio brings the cost of capacity down to less than $1."

The Permabit Enterprise Archive Data Center Series Model 4010 is priced at $250,000 for a 144TB configuration.

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This article was originally published on April 21, 2009