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Intel ships Ultra160 SCSI RAID controller

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Intel is expected to continue its push into the storage market next month by shipping a single-channel Ultra160 SCSI RAID controller. The BNU31 ("Bonita") controller is based on an Intel 100MHz i960 RN I/O processor, 64-bit (33MHz) PCI, hardware XOR, 32MB to 128MB of cache memory, and an LSI Logic SYM53C1010 SCSI processor. Features include on-line capacity expansion without requiring a system reboot, online RAID level migration, and Web-based configuration. RAID levels include 0, 1, 5, and 10. The controller is targeted at entry-level and midrange server OEMs. http://developer.intel.com/design/iio/devtools/.

According to International Data Corp., shipments of internal PCI RAID controllers will exceed 2.5 million units this year. Next year, shipments of PCI RAID controllers will eclipse shipments of Intel architecture servers.

LSI ships high-end array

LSI Logic Storage Systems' MetaStor E4400 is a full Fibre Channel disk array designed for compute-intensive applications such as video editing and post production, e-commerce, CAD/CAE, and data warehousing. LSI touts its HotScale technology, which allows administrators to scale capacity and connectivity without system downtime. Eight Fibre Channel host connections can be configured as four redundant-path host attachments without the need for a switch or hub. Support for 220 disk drives per command module translates into 16TB of total capacity. LSI claims performance of 350MBps in sequential read operations, or 60,000 cached I/Os per second.

SANtricity Storage Manager software provides a Java-based GUI and SANshare storage partitioning, which allows administrators to partition an array into eight virtual systems.

E4400 pricing ranges from $120,000 to $525,000. www.lsilogic.com.

Gadzoox enters FC-SCSI router fray

Gadzoox Networks recently branched out from its Fibre Channel hub/switch niche with shipments of the Geminix line of Fibre Channel-to-SCSI routers. The devices can be configured with two Fibre Channel GBIC ports and four SCSI ports (single-ended, LVD, or HVD). The routers are packaged in a half-rack width, 1U-high form factor. Dual 64-bit buses enable an internal routing bandwidth of 532MBps, according to Gadzoox officials. Gadzoox's Ventana SAN Manager software handles LUN-level zoning, link failover, and fault isolation.

Competition in the Fibre Channel-to-SCSI router/bridge market includes market leader Crossroads Systems, as well as vendors such as Atto Technology, Chaparral Network Storage, and Computer Network Technology (CNT).

Base pricing for the Geminix routers is $5,995. Shipments are expected within the next month.

Separately, Gadzoox is expected to add fabric services to its Capellix 3000 Fibre Channel switches. The add-on option, which will be available within the next month, is priced at $3,995. www.gadzoox.com.

Chaparral extends FC-SCSI router line

Chaparral Network Storage has begun shipments of the FS1110 Fibre Channel-to-SCSI router, claiming a 72MBps data transfer rate and 8,500 I/Os per second with one Fibre Channel port and one Ultra2 SCSI channel. Server-free backup is supported via an optional Extended Copy feature. LAN management capability is also optional. Price: $6,495. www.chaparralnet.com.

Atto adds FC-SCSI bridge

Atto Technology last month added to its line of Fibre Channel-to-SCSI bridges with the FibreBridge 3200R. The bridge includes support for F-Port, Class 2 and full-duplex transfers, fabric support, and dual Fibre Channel GBIC and SCSI ports.

LVD SCSI support is optional.

Price: $4,995-5,995. www.attotech.com.

Vixel adds fabric support to switches

Vixel recently announced support for fabric services and additional firmware features for its 7000 series of Fibre Channel switches. Users can field-upgrade existing Vixel switches, enabling a migration to fabric support. Management is provided by the company's SAN InSite 2000 software, which can also be used to manage other vendors' storage area network components. Available this month, the fabric upgrade costs $1,995 for Vixel 7100 switches, and $2,995 for Vixel 7200 series switches. www.vixel.com.

Hybinette introduces NAS file server

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Hybinette Inc. recently introduced the Onyx, a 120GB network-attached file server for Unix, Wintel, and Macintosh environments. The Onyx-Plus is a larger-capacity model that includes up to 200GB, redundant power supplies and adapter cards. A 120GB Onyx is priced at $2,995. Onyx-Plus configurations range from $6,995 to $9,995. www.hybinette.com.

StorLogic launches NAS device

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Next month, StorLogic is expected to ship a network-attached storage (NAS) device designed to work with storage area networks through a SAN-enabled architecture. The StorCom.e includes an Intel Pentium II-based Intelligent Appliance Engine based on Cell Computing's Plug-n-Run module. Other features include a 10/100 Ethernet interface, an Ultra/Wide SCSI channel, two PMC expansion slots, and up to 256MB of memory.

Designed for entry and workgroup environments, StorCom.e systems are configured in 4-bay or 10-bay SCSI and Fibre Channel models. The devices can accommodate 9GB, 18GB, 36GB, and 73GB hard drives and a variety of optical disk changers. They support all major NDMP-enabled backup and recovery software packages. Available through StorLogic's reseller channel, an entry-level 50GB model is priced starting at $5,299. www.storlogic.com.

Apcon expands with fiber-optic patch panel

Apcon last month expanded beyond its SCSI roots, delivering a fiber-optic patch panel that supports Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet. The ACI-2046 panel provides 16 I/O ports. By regenerating optical signal strength, Gigabit Ethernet connections can be extended 10 kilometers. Price ranges from $4,995 for an 8-port version to $6,995 for a 16-port version. www.apcon.com.


Tandberg, Imation enhance SLR

This month, Tandberg Data and Imation began shipping SLR60 tape drives and cartridges, respectively, storing 60GB per cartridge (assuming 2:1 compression) with an 8MBps transfer rate (28.8GB per hour). Tandberg will incorporate the drives in its tape automation products.

Tandberg claims an average file access time of less than 53 seconds. Drive features include an 8MB buffer, Ultra 2 single-ended or LVD SCSI interface, and Overland Data's VR2 (Variable Rate Randomizer) technology. VR2 is a recording technique that uses Partial Response Maximum Likelihood (PRML) technology to increase capacity and data rate. Tandberg's drives are priced at $1,149. Imation's cartridges cost $59. www.tandberg.com. www.imation.com.


Samsung intros combo drive

Samsung recently introduced its Combo optical drive, which is compatible with CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD-ROM formats. The drive offers 4x CD recording, 4x CD rewriting, 24x CD-ROM read, and 4x DVD-ROM read speeds. The Combo offers average access times of 120ms for DVD and 110ms for CD formats, and includes a 2MB buffer memory and EIDE/ATAPI interfaces.

The drive is bundled with Adaptec's Easy & Direct CD, Power DVD, and CD-R and CD-RW media. The bundled price is $349. www.samsung.com.

Ricoh to ship 10X media

Ricoh says it expects to ship 74-minute CD-RW discs capable of up to 10x writing/rewriting and 10x recording speeds later this quarter. The CD-RW drives will be compliant with the most recent version of the CD-RW standard, Orange Book Part III, Volume 2, Ver. 1.0.

The discs have packet writing capabilities, allowing direct writing/rewriting in CAV (constant angular velocity) mode, as well as conventional CLV (constant linear velocity) mode. Officials say reliability is improved through reduced jitter and error rates through a wide power margin design. The media can be read by CD-R/RW, MultiRead-enabled CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and DVD-RAM drives. www.ricohdms.com.

QPS ships CD-RW drive with FireWire
QPS is shipping its Que! Fire CD-RW drive with a FireWire controller card for use in Windows and Macintosh desktops. The FireWire card provides three hot-pluggable 1394 ports, making PCs compatible with 1394 FireWire devices such as hard disk drives, printers, and digital video camcorders. MSRP is $479. www.qps-inc.com.


HP rolls out OmniBack 3.5

This month, Hewlett-Packard is scheduled to ship version 3.5 of OmniBack, the backup/recovery suite within its HP OpenView management framework. The API-based implementation now supports Windows 2000, including the Windows 2000 Management Console and snap-in technology, to help maximize data management and protection by distributing, partitioning, securing, and replicating data. OmniBack 3.5 also supports HP-UX, Solaris, and Windows NT environments. Pricing starts at $595 for a single-server NT license. www.hp.com.

Educom releases management tool

Educom recently launched the Exchange Archive Solution (EAS) storage management software designed to manage the transfer of e-mail from online to near-line and off-line storage. EAS enables organizations to implement retention and disposition policies for corporate e-mail. The software's hierarchical storage management (HSM) handles transparent e-mail migration. End users can retrieve messages through the Microsoft Exchange interface.

Running on Microsoft Back Office over TCP/IP, EAS archives messages with attachments to a central repository, which means that remote offices can also access the data. www.educom.on.ca.

McData intros SAN suite

McData Corp. is shipping EFC Manager, which provides single-console management of the company's switched components. The software also manages remote switches on the same SAN when used with McData's 32-port ED-5000 director-class switches. EFC Manager offers a component-level view for administrators to conduct tasks such as simultaneously change and configure zones and zone sets throughout a SAN fabric. www.mcdata.com.

HP bolsters management software

Hewlett-Packard last month introduced the HP SureStore E Command View XP software, which can be integrated with HP's SAN management and enterprise management suites. The software can be used to view the configuration, volume, and disk resources of the company's XP256 disk arrays. Features include a Web GUI, hardware event management console, and integration with the company's SAN Manager DM software.

Command View XP pricing starts at $20,000; a plug-in module that allows reporting to HP OpenView VantagePoint starts at $25,000. Support for other management frameworks, such as CA Unicenter, is due by the end of the year. www.hp.com.

This article was originally published on June 01, 2000