Imation to provide Jiro code

By Zachary Shess

Imation and Sun Microsystems have announced a co-development plan that calls for Imation to develop Jiro-based management software for Sun's network storage products.

Imation will first develop Jiro software for Sun's RAID arrays, including the StorEdge A5100 and A5200. Then, Imation will write Java management code to support communications between Sun's servers and storage devices. Imation will also develop similar code for other OEMs.

Sun expects to announce several more development partnerships this year as the company begins its next push to deliver hardware and software based on the Jiro architecture, according to Tom Awe, Sun's director of market and partner development

Imation officials made the announcement just a week after the removable media company formed a new software-development division. The company also launched professional consulting services and a SAN lab for interoperability testing.

This article was originally published on June 01, 2000