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Gadzoox FC switch priced under $3,000

Gadzoox Networks has added two models to its Capellix 2000 series of Fibre Channel switches, with one priced less than $3,000, or $375 per port. The company hopes to lower the price barrier for cost-conscious shops looking to implement low-end storage area networks (SANs), particularly in Windows NT, NetWare, and Linux environments.

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The Capellix 2000C and 2000F native loop switches share a number of features, including a 1U form factor, eight ports, 12Gbps switch engine with less than 0.5-microsecond latency (280 nanoseconds typical), an optional three-port plug-in module (PIM) for a total of 11 non-blocking ports, and Gadzoox's Ventana SANtools management software.

The two models differ primarily in that the 2000C uses HSSDC copper connections, and the 2000F uses dual SC optical GBIC connections. The 2000C ($375 per port) supports connection distances up to 13 meters, while the 2000F ($725 per port) supports 500-meter connections. With the three-port PIM, distances can be extended to 10 kilometers. The switches can be connected to Gadzoox's Capellix 3000 backbone fabric switch, or to other vendors' OSFI-compliant fabric switches.

On the software front, Ventana SANtools is included. The optional SANtools GXS ($995) provides a Web interface and SNMP support for integration into systems/network management frameworks, including those from Computer Associates and Tivoli. www.gadzoox.com.

Crossroads provides server-free backup

Fibre Channel-to-SCSI router vendor Crossroads Systems has added SAN-based server-free backup capabilities to its 4250 and 4450 routers. Users can combine the routers with Computer Associates' ARCserve 2000 software. Existing users of the routers can enable server-free backup through an upgrade at no additional cost.

ICP ships Ultra160 SCSI controller

ICP vortex has added to its RN series of RAID controllers three models that sport 64-bit PCI-Wide/Ultra160 SCSI connections. The GDT7523, 7543, and 7563 provide two, four, or six Ultra160 SCSI channels, at a maximum of 160MBps per channel, with up to 15 devices attached to each channel.

The controllers are based on a 64-bit, 33MHz PCI interface, with burst rates of 264MBps, and an onboard 64-bit bus. Other features include a hardware XOR engine optimized for RAID 4/5, PCI 2.2 compliance, cache RAM detection, multi-level delayed write and read-ahead cache, online capacity expansion, and online RAID level migration. Cache ranges from 16MB to 128MB. www.icp-vortex.com.

AMI RAID controllers support ATA/100

American Megatrends Inc. last month began shipping the HyperDisk 100 IDE RAID controller, which supports ATA/100 disk drives. Supporting RAID 0 and 1, the controllers include a PCI adapter card with on-board ROM BIOS support and a boot-up configuration utility. Drivers are available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. www.ami.com.

I-Tech tests 2Gbps Fibre Channel

I-Tech has introduced three new test and analysis tools for next-generation, 2Gbps Fibre Channel devices and networks. The Satellite IFC-4016 Fibre Channel Analyzer can monitor up to 16 channels simultaneously at 1Gbps or 2Gbps data transfer rates. The Satellite IFC-40 is a two-channel version.

The IFC-4 can be used to test Fibre Channel drives and other peripheral devices such as switches, and can support multiple tester sessions at 2Gbps over copper or optical fiber. www.i-tech.com.

Zzyzx bolsters RAID lineup

Zzyzx Peripherals' RocketSTOR 500 is a Fibre Channel-attached RAID array that can store up to 1.6TB. Features include dual-redundant RAID controllers with two 100MBps Fibre Channel host interfaces, LUN masking, Ethernet connectivity for remote configuration and monitoring, and RAID set expansion. The RAID controller is based on a Strong ARM SA-110 RISC processor, 1GB of cache memory, and internal 32-bit and 64-bit PCI buses. Capacity ranges from 18GB to 1.6TB using 9GB, 18GB, 36GB, or 73GB disk drives.

An 18GB entry-level RocketSTOR 500 configuration with a single controller is priced at $15,527. A maximum 1.6TB configuration with dual hot-swap controllers is priced at $84,368. www.zzyzx.com.

Maxtor packs 240GB in 1.75 inches

Maxtor's MaxAttach network-attached storage (NAS) server now stores 240GB in 1.75 inches of rack mount space, or almost 1TB of capacity in seven inches of rack height. The system is priced at $3,995, or $17 per GB.

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Maxtor also announced enhancements to its desktop MaxAttach NAS 4000 servers, increasing capacity to 120GB ($1,995) and adding Unix/Linux client support. www.maxtor.com.

NSS adds Fibre Channel to NAS

Network Storage Solutions (NSS) has added support for Fibre Channel connectivity to its Thunderbolt line of network-attached storage (NAS) servers, which will allow file-level sharing in storage area network (SAN) environments. Thunderbolt supports concurrent Unix (including Linux) and Windows NT users, and can store up to 730GB in a four-rack configuration. Pricing starts at $10,000. www.nssolutions.com.

Microtest upgrades NAS servers

Microtest is shipping the Version 1.1 release of its FileZerver network-attached storage (NAS) file server "sled." Aimed primarily at OEMs and integrators, the FileZerver appliance supports up to eight EIDE drives in RAID 0, 1, or 5 configurations, and is based on the Linux operating system.

The Version 1.1 firmware includes a number of enhancements, including hot-swap SCSI drives and a CD/DVD loader. www.microtest.com.


ADIC releases DLT1 autoloader

FastStor DLT1 is ADIC's first autoloader using DLT1 tape drive technology from Benchmark Tape Systems Corp. With a seven-tape native capacity of 280GB, this single-drive system can fit on a standard server or in rack systems mounted side by side in seven vertical inches (4U) of rack space. Data is written in the new DLT1 format on standard DLT IV media. The autoloader can also read files written by DLT4000 drives. Suggested list price: $4,795.

ADIC has also added a FibreReady model to its Scalar 100 automated tape library family for direct connection to Fibre Channel storage area networks. The FibreReady Scalar 100 is ADIC's first library with an integrated agent for server-less backup. Server-less backup-aware software interacts with the library's active agent on the SAN to allow movement of data directly between disk and tape.

Currently available with DLTtape technology, the FibreReady Scalar 100 can be configured with one to six DLT7000 or DLT8000 drives, and 30 to 60 cartridges. ADIC plans to support AIT, LTO Ultrium, and SDLT tape drives in the Scalar 100 later this year. Scalar 100 libraries in the field can be upgraded with a user- installable module that adds SAN connectivity and the server-less backup agent. The FibreChannel Scalar 100 is available as an integral part of ADIC's Open SAN Backup solution package.

ADIC's latest release of its AMASS for Unix storage management software includes a long-term data protection facility called Infinite File Life (IFL). Designed to protect digital asset archives loss due to wear or age, the IFL utility renews files by writing them to new media. AMASS software with IFL automatically tests media on a user-defined schedule, tracks read/write error rates, and automatically enables the preservation of data on new media. The 4.13 release also adds expanded Fibre Channel support, compatibility with the latest AIX and IRIX operating system revisions, and support for ADIC's Scalar 100 tape library. www.adic.com.

Grau Data rolls out virtual disk

Grau Data Storage Inc., a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of Grau Data Storage AG, is now selling its Infinistore Virtual Disk systems through a channel of domestic reseller partners. The Infinistore Virtual Disk (IVD) is a turnkey system that includes network-attached storage (NAS) server functionality, hierarchical storage management (HSM) software, RAID, and tape library storage. The IVD presents a virtual disk to network clients that can be partitioned for different applications.

Based on a two-tier storage hierarchy, the IVD combines up to 400GB of RAID-5 disk storage and a tape library with a capacity of up to 20TB. As part of the IVD package, Grau's rules-based migration software facilitates data movement between disk and tape. The IVD can also function as a network backup server by utilizing the RAID disk as a cache buffer for running parallel backups.

The library component of the Infinistore Virtual Disk, the Infinistore Tape Library (ITL), is also available as a stand-alone product. Using AIT-2 or Mammoth-2 tape drives, the ITL scales to 340 cartridges with a maximum of 16 tape drives. An optional Fibre Channel Module provides up to eight Fibre Channel connections, with potential bandwidth ranging from 100MBps to 800MBps. Grau's Infinistore storage management software can also be used with third-party tape libraries incorporating AIT or Mammoth technology.

Infinistore Virtual Disk systems are priced between $100,000 for a 2.5TB system and $382,000 for a 17TB configuration. www.graudata.com.

Tecmar ships DDS-4 drives

Tecmar Inc., an Overland Data company, added the first DDS-4 product to its WangDAT line of 4mm DAT drives. The WangDAT 9400 provides a 67% capacity increase over DDS-3 products, with twice the performance. The drive delivers 20GB of native capacity per cartridge at a 2.75MBps throughput, and uses an Ultra2 Wide SCSI LVD interface. The new drives also feature a 60% increase in MTBF and a three-year warranty.

Reliability enhancements for DDS-4 include improved read-write heads, a 10MB buffer, and a self-activated head cleaner with LED notification when cleaning is required. Tecmar has also sealed the internal head-tape interface chamber to eliminate dust contamination.

The WangDAT 9400 is backward read and write compatible with WangDAT DDS-1, DDS-2, and DDS-3 tape drives. All Tecmar DDS-2, DDS-3, and DDS-4 drives are available as internal units or external subsystems. The WangDAT TS 9400 internal drive has an MSRP starting at $1,145. All other WangDAT drives are now priced 11% lower than previous MSRPs. www.tecmar.com.

Exabyte announces Mammoth-2 library

As the latest addition to Exabyte's Mammoth-2 tape library family, the model 430 offers up to 1.8TB of compressed capacity at speeds of 173GB per hour. As many as four Mammoth-2 tape drives and 30 data cartridges can be accommodated within two cubic feet of space and five units of rack height. Standard features include Ethernet connectivity, Exabyte Library Monitoring software, barcode, and pluggable SCSI and Fibre Channel interfaces.

The Exabyte 430 is also designed to integrate different tape technologies into its chassis. With a common chassis supporting drive technologies from multiple vendors, resellers can expand their product portfolios, as well as consolidate stocking and testing. Exabyte 430 shipments with Mammoth-2 drives are scheduled to begin this month, with an anticipated list price of $20,000. www.exabyte.com.


LSC enhances file system

An enhancement to LSC's QFS file system software enables multiple Solaris file servers to share the same data on the same disk drives. The Shared Readers/Single Writer technology allows users to configure and mount the same physical file system on multiple Solaris systems. Advantages include workload balancing and less bottlenecks.

QFS automatically updates the metadata (or inodes) and disk blocks when a file is closed. Once the inode and file blocks have been written to the physical disk, the Readers can access the file locally to take advantage of a storage network. License fees for QFS start at $12,500. www.lsci.com.

Sun releases Jiro 1.0

Sun Microsystems has released Jiro Technology 1.0, which provides developers with tools for writing storage management software. The code will allow management software to be used with multi-vendor devices in storage area network (SAN) environments. Jiro 1.0 is based on the Java 2 platform, and is the first implementation of Sun's Federated Management Architecture (FMA) specification. The software can be downloaded at www.jiro.com.

Vendors that have announced support for Jiro include Ancor Communications, Imation, Gadzoox Networks, Legato Systems, StorageTek, and Veritas Software.

Quantum|ATL launches P2000 library

The P2000 is ATL's new mid range library based on the Prism Storage Archi tecture, with the added features of Prism Storage Options, which provide Fibre Channel attachment, library man agement, and library partitioning. Configured with one to ten DLT tape drives and 198 cartridges, the P2000 provides 6.9TB of native storage capacity with throughput of up to 180GB per hour. When equipped with pass-through, scalable capacity and performance options are available for up to 52.4TB (1,496 cartridges) and 1.4TB per hour data throughput (with 72 drives).

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Both Fibre Channel and SCSI interfaces are supported, and SCSI can be upgraded to Fibre Channel in the field. Two PCI and six CPCI expansion slots are also part of the P2000's Prism Storage Architecture for implementation of user-installable upgrades, such as Fibre Channel adapters, Gigabit Ethernet network adapters, and extended-function controllers.

High-availability features include redundant power supplies and fans, along with hot-swap, hot-plug, and user-replaceable tape drives, power supplies, and fan modules for online service. Online cartridge loading and unloading is handled through a 12-cartridge load port with two removable magazines. Library administration can be performed either with the touchscreen GUI control panel or via ATL's WebAdmin software for remote administration. The optional Prism ALERT (Active Library Error Reporting Tool) utilizes an SNMP agent that can be integrated with major network management frameworks, and includes an e-mail notification capability.

ATL plans to support future drive technologies, including Super DLTtape and LTO Ultrium, in the P2000 library. A P2000 base library with 100 slots is priced at $51,300. www.atlp.com.

OTG offers e-mail suite

OTG Software introduced Email Xtender, e-mail management software that automatically routes and copies e-mail to a server attached to virtually any type of media (e.g., tape, optical, RAID). OTG officials say Email-Xtender provides faster access to older e-mails and centralized restoration after virus attacks. The software also helps eliminate e-mail server bottlenecks and message size restrictions.

EmailXtender automatically captures e-mail messages and their attachments, freeing up servers and increasing reliability. A built-in engine allows users to conduct full-text and key-word searches of an organization's e-mail archives, including text and spreadsheet attachments.

The software works with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Unix sendmail. EmailXtender pricing is based on storage capacity and factors such as number of mailboxes and servers. Sample pricing for a 50-mailbox version is $5,000. www.otg.com.

This article was originally published on August 01, 2000