Shugart to enter testing market

By Dave Simpson

This month, Irvine, CA-based Shugart Technology Inc. (STI) entered the market for storage testing tools with the introduction of the first in a series of test, monitoring, and analysis software suites, FIBREcalc and SCSIcalc. STI was founded in late 1998.

The tools are intended for labs engineers all the way to sophisticated IT managers, according to Rick Brechtlein, president and CEO. Users can write test scripts to isolate and troubleshoot I/O problems at the physical interface level. The tools address a variety of test scenarios, including performance, stress, and interoperability testing, as well as design verification.

Differentiating them from existing test tools, STI's software runs on heterogeneous platforms (Windows NT and Unix), and works with virtually any SCSI or Fibre Channel storage subsystems, including hard disk, tape, and optical products. The company plans to bundle the software with hardware later this year, including SAN traffic monitors, signal jammers and generators, and protocol analyzers.

Brechtlein argues that existing test tools are too complicated, are not fully automated, and are not portable across operating systems. In contrast, STI's test tools automate processes such as parameter logging and report generation, and are based on a calculator-type interface.

Brechtlein says that the company plans to ship 14 software products and two hardware platforms within the next 12 months. STI is focusing on large OEMs, as well as direct sales over the Internet. For more information, visit www.shugarttech.com.

This article was originally published on August 01, 2000