HP upgrades EVA arrays, SVSP

By Dave Simpson

 -- Hewlett-Packard today announced enhancements and additions to its Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) systems, the SAN Virtualization Services Platform (SVSP), and Data Protector software.

New to the EVA lineup are the models 6400 and 8400, which replace the 6100 and 8100 disk arrays. In addition to expected performance and capacity enhancements (e.g., a doubling of the cache to 22GB, up to 320 drives, and 32TB LUN sizes in the EVA8400), HP added a number of new features.

For example, virtualized RAID 6 (Vraid 6) provides the standard RAID-6 protection against dual drive failures, but also "enables wide striping across all disks in a virtual pool without stranded capacity or performance degradation," according to Kyle Fitze, director of marketing for storage platforms in HP's StorageWorks division. Vraid 6 in conjunction with the virtualization capabilities of EVA arrays also allows systems to automatically grow and shrink data sets.

HP also announced support for solid-state disk (SSD) drives in the EVA platforms, which also support Fibre Channel and "FATA" drives. The 72GB SSDs come from STEC.

Pricing for the EVA6400 and EVA8400 starts at $24,240 and $61,456, respectively.

HP also enhanced the StorageWorks SVSP virtualization platform with support for more operating systems and servers, increased scalability, and a doubling in performance via support for up to four Data Path Modules.

In addition to HP's disk arrays, SVSP 2.1 now supports IBM's DS3000/4000/5000/8000, EMC's CX and CX4, Sun's 6000/9000, and NetApp's FAS2000/3000/6000, as well as disk arrays from SGI and 3PAR.

The SVSP platform includes software functionality such as heterogeneous volume management, thin provisioning, copy services, synchronous/asynchronous mirroring, data migration and data replication.

Pricing for the SVSP starts at $37,180 for a configuration that includes two Data Path Modules and a 1TB license for SVSP Volume Manager.

Data Protector
New to HP's Data Protector software is integration with the company's Virtual Library System (VLS) and other disk-based backup systems, as well as data de-duplication functionality. The company also added centralized management for all encryption keys in an environment, capabilities for backup and recovery of virtual server environments, and integration with VMware. Data Protector supports eight different methods of VMware Infrastructure protection, including integration with the VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) framework.

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This article was originally published on March 10, 2009