SNI adds services

Fresh off a successful IPO this summer, StorageNetworks Inc. (SNI) has added three services to its portfolio.

  • NetPACS-Live is part of SNI's NetPACS family of network-attached storage (NAS) offerings. The service provides a point-in-time copy of a customer's primary data source for "near-time" file restoration and testing. End users can integrate NetPACS-Live with SNI's BackPACS service for regularly scheduled backups.
  • The STORwidth family of services is designed primarily for application services providers (ASPs), content delivery/distribution providers, and streaming media and media asset management companies. STORwidth enables the management of geographically separated instances of data across SNI's Global Data Storage Network (GDSN), a private high-speed fiber network that connects the company's Storage Points of Presence (S-POP).

STORwidth-CORE is for organizations that already have replication methods and networks. STORwidth-EDGE, which is not available yet, will combine STORwidth-CORE services in at least two geographic locations with distribution software intelligence and network connectivity via SNI's GDSN.

  • Virtual Storage Portal (VSP) software is a Web-based application that lets customers monitor their storage resources at SNI's S-POPs. The company currently has 32 "live" S-POPs across the country, and more than 65 customers, according to Ruya Atac, director of services and field marketing.

This article was originally published on September 01, 2000