FalconStor brings de-dupe to NAS backups

By Kevin Komiega

FalconStor Software has extended the data de-duplication capabilities of its widely used Virtual Tape Library (VTL) product to a new segment of the data protection market—NAS-based disk-to-disk (D2D) backups.

The company has announced a new file-interface data de-duplication system that opens up CIFS and NFS connectivity for block-level de-duplication and immediate file-level access to the de-duplication repository. The file-interface de-duplication system (which had not been given a formal product name at press time) presents a network share interface as a backup repository, offering users a space-saving option for writing data efficiently to disk.


With the addition of a network interface to FalconStor’s de-duplication product line, users can choose a network interface or a VTL interface or both, depending on data center requirements.

FalconStor’s director of marketing, Fadi Albatal, says the new file-interface de-dupe system extends de-duplication from the SAN to the LAN: “Right now, the software supports our VTL, which basically connects to a backup server. Expanding it to a LAN-based network interface allows us to de-dupe disk-to-disk backups from other vendors’ systems.”

In addition to the de-dupe enhancements, FalconStor has upped its support for high-performance network connectivity. The company’s VTL 5.1 software now supports 10Gbps iSCSI and 8Gbps Fibre Channel connec-tivity for faster backups. With support for these technologies, FalconStor VTL 5.1 systems can now scale in performance up to 1.5GBps per node with up to eight nodes per logical deployment of a VTL. This extends the FalconStor VTL’s backup capability up to43TB per hour for each VTL deployment.

In addition, the software now has tighter integration with Veritas (Symantec) NetBackup OpenStorage, real-time performance statistics, tape caching with de-duplication, enhanced repository management and replication, andadditional library and tape-drive emulation.

FalconStor’s file-interface de-duplication system is currently in beta testing, with general availability expected in the next month or two. List pricing starts at $13,000 for a standalone software version ready for installation on any hardware appliance, with replication included. As a virtual appliance without replication, pricing starts at $5,000, plus $2,000 for the replication option.

This article was originally published on January 01, 2009