Zetta delivers NAS-based cloud service

By Kevin Komiega

-- Cloud storage startup Zetta has announced the commercial availability of its on-demand NAS service and is positioning the cloud as a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods of storing tier-2 data.

Zetta recently surveyed enterprise customers about their cloud storage plans. The survey revealed that more than half plan to implement cloud storage or already have.

However, concerns abound. Those surveyed cited security and privacy; unpredictable costs; data integrity and protection; and reliability and availability as obstacles to adoption.

Zetta's CEO, Jeff Treuhaft, says those concerns are warranted. "Customers are looking at cloud storage, but they say the solutions on the market don't have the touchstones that they have been using for years, such as RAID protection, snapshots, replication, and encryption at rest," says Treuhaft. "Many of them end up buying another NAS device, which only adds to the bailing wire and bubble gum of their infrastructure."

Treuhaft says Zetta's technology addresses all of the above. The Zetta Enterprise Cloud Storage service platform emulates traditional enterprise file servers with the CIFS and NFS support, snapshot, replication and common name space support found in file systems, along with encryption.

The company also touts high availability and reliability with RAIN6 N+3 data protection, which ensures against data loss from multiple hardware or network failures.

The Zetta Enterprise Cloud Storage service is priced at $0.25/GB and is aimed at medium-sized and large enterprises with approximately 10TB of online storage capacity.

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This article was originally published on October 22, 2009