Samsung, Imation launch SSD drives

By Dave Simpson

 -- At the Storage Visions Conference in Las Vegas this week, Samsung and Imation introduced enterprise-class solid-state disk (SSD) drives.

Samsung's 100GB, 2.5-inch SS805 SSD has a random read speed of 25,000 I/Os per second (IOPS) and a random write speed of 6,000 IOPS, which company officials claim is more than 10X faster than 15,000rpm SAS hard disk drives (HDDs). Samsung officials also claim that the SSD can process up to 100X the number of IOPS per watt compared to 2.5-inch, 15,000rpm SAS HDDs.

The SSD drives use 1.9 watts of power in active mode and 0.6 watts in idle mode. In comparison, traditional 15,000rpm HDDs consume eight to 15 watts in active mode and one to two watts in idle mode.

In terms of throughput, the SS805 has a sequential read rate of 230MBps and a sequential write rate of 180MBps.

Samsung officials attribute the performance improvements to an eight-channel controller, improved NAND flash memory (based on single-level cell, or SLC, technology), and new firmware. Data encryption is included with the SSD drive.

Shipments of the SS805 drives, which have not been priced yet, are scheduled for "this quarter."

Imation also used the Storage Visions Conference to launch two SSD lines – the 2.5-inch M-Class and the 3.5-inch S-Class – with capacities ranging from 32GB to 128GB. The company offers an upgrade kit that allows users to replace HDDs with SSDs. The kit includes a SATA or USB-to-SATA connector cable, power cable, and Acronis' True Image HD software for migrating operating systems, applications and data from an existing drive to the SSD.

The M-Class SSD drives will be available next month, and are priced at $179.99 for a 2.5-inch configuration with 32GB of capacity and a SATA interface. The S-Class drives will be available in March.

Also at the Storage Visions Conference, Imation introduced two external hard drives – the 2.5-inch Apollo Expert UX portable drive with up to 500GB of capacity and the 3.5-inch Apollo Pro UX with up to 1.5TB of capacity. The Expert version is priced at $109.99, and the Pro configuration is priced at $119.99.

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This article was originally published on January 07, 2009