StrataScale launches on-demand server and storage service

By Kevin Komiega

 -- Managed hosting provider StrataScale recently announced the availability of a new managed server environment that gives users on-demand control of automated server and storage provisioning via the Web.

The new offering, dubbed IronScale, is an automated managed server hosting environment designed to provision and re-provision entire IT environments with a few mouse clicks. The approach is slightly different from some other managed services because it relies on physical servers rather than virtual machines.

Doug Adams, StrataScale's vice president of sales and marketing, says the IronScale non-virtual, dedicated-server environment offers users the benefits of both physical and virtual infrastructures by automating the provisioning and management of servers, security, storage, and networks.

Adams is playing it close to the vest when it comes to the back-end storage technology that supports the IronScale offering, but claims all of StrataScale's storage is comprised of enterprise-class SAN technology.

"All of our servers are hooked up to SAN storage and we work with some of the standard enterprise providers, but it might make it easier for our competitors to reverse engineer [the IronScale service] if we gave the names of the storage manufacturers," says Adams.

However, Adams does say that StrataScale's network infrastructure is based entirely on technologies from Cisco, including the new line of Nexus unified fabric switches. He also says IronScale is the heart of the service.

"IronScale is the software provisioning engine that stitches it all together," says Adams.

IronScale is available in three different bundled integrated server environments built on dual- and quad-core x86 servers. IronScale Server Level 1 includes two cores and 4GB of RAM, double that for Level 2, and Level 3 includes 8 cores and 16GB of RAM.

Each bundle features 70GB of RAID 50 configured SAN storage per server, a choice of Linux Red Hat or Microsoft Windows, and full-time monitoring and management.

IronScale also features advanced storage services such as clones, snapshots and real-time capacity upgrades in 10GB increments.

Pricing for IronScale Server Level 1 starts at $700 per server, per month. Adams adds that IronScale is also available via discounted annual and bi-annual subscription packages.

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This article was originally published on December 12, 2008