HDS expands software to virtual servers, application monitoring

By Kevin Komiega

-- Hitachi Data Systems is launching three new software tools that, when combined, extend an end user's management view from storage systems to business applications, virtualized servers and other IT resources in the data center. 

The new software set, announced this week, includes the Hitachi Virtual Server Reporter, Storage Command Portal and IT Operations Analyzer.

The Virtual Server Reporter provides users with a view of VMware servers and their respective storage usage, and is based on recently released software from HDS partner Aptare.

Virtual Server Reporter gives administrators the ability to extend the capabilities of heterogeneous storage management reporting to individual virtual machines within a VMware environment. Users can potentially manage their storage and backups more effectively, allowing them to optimize utilization of storage assets and decrease costs through the integration of virtual server reporting.

The second piece of software, Storage Command Portal, consolidates storage reporting within the Hitachi Storage Command Suite of management software to tie Hitachi storage to business applications. Storage Command Portal generates customizable business application-centric views of a Hitachi storage environment with capacity and performance reporting to help manage service level objectives.

The third software tool – IT Operations Analyzer – manages and monitors storage, switches and servers and automatically correlates the resulting information to create a topological view of the IT environment, according to Sean Moser, HDS' vice president of software product management.

"IT Operations Analyzer follows the data paths to seek out problems and potential problems in the data center. It looks for bottleneck and threshold problems and recognizes them as they are building, rather than after they occur," says Moser.

The software monitors servers and IP networks along with Fibre Channel SANs, LANs and storage systems. It features automated root cause analysis, network visualization and an agentless architecture.

HDS is offering IT Operations Analyzer at a price of $5,000 for a 25-node software license. The company is also giving customers a chance to test the software via a downloadable 30-day trial version.

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This article was originally published on April 29, 2009