Symantec partners with VMware for HA

– Developed in partnership with VMware, Symantec this week announced two software products to improve high availability of applications in VMware virtual server environments, as reported on Enterprise Storage Forum today.

Symantec ApplicationHA is based on Veritas Cluster Server technology and works with VMware HA APIs to protect against application failures. The software monitors applications’ health status, detects VM failures and restarts failed applications. Symantec ApplicationHA will be available next month for $350 per VM.

Symantec VirtualStore is a software-based clustered NAS platform for VMware VMs that is based on the Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System. VirtualStore is slated for shipments in November.

Both Symantec ApplicationHA and VirtualStore can be managed through VMware vCenter.

Get the details in the Enterprise Storage Forum article, "Symantec Unveils HA, Storage Optimization Software for VMs."

This article was originally published on August 17, 2010