IBM adds DB2, de-dupe to TSM


The newest version of IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) backup/recovery software includes performance, scalability, and availability upgrades, as well as free data de- duplication technology.

Tivoli Storage Manager 6, which began shipping this month, has been overhauled at its core. Its database engine is now based on IBM’s DB2 database, allowing TSM to manage up to twice the number of data objects than previous versions.

The software is now capable of managing one billion objects in a single system, according to IBM product manager John Connor, who adds that TSM 6’s integration with DB2 also increases backup performance by as much as 300% and lets users retroactively apply policy changes to protected or archived objects.

In addition to DB2 integration, TSM 6 Extended Edition includes built-in data de- duplication to help slow data growth through the elimination of redundant data. The de-duplication technology was developed by IBM and is complementary to the company’s Diligent ProtecTier virtual tape appliances, according to Connor.

IBM also upgraded TSM’s reporting and monitoring features using Tivoli Monitoring software, which integrates application, server, and storage backup performance metrics to generate a single view of the overall IT environment. Storage administrators can now peer into their data protection environments through predefined report templates, or create their own report parameters through a customizable dashboard.

Additionally, TSM 6 supports faster incremental backups for large filers, specifically the IBM System Storage N series NAS systems, which are OEM’d from NetApp.

Tivoli Storage Manager 6 can also perform item-level recovery of Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory data, and full image backups of virtual machines in VMware environments

IBM prices TSM on a per-processor basis (Processor Value Units), with cost varying based on system type and the number of processor cores. The base price is $37.25 for 10 Processor Value Units, while TSM 6 Extended Edition costs $67 for 10 Processor Value Units. Both prices include a one-year software subscription and support.

IBM lists an entry price for five pro- tected servers and one back-end TSM server as $4,470 for the base TSM software and $8,040 for TSM Extended Edition.

This article was originally published on March 01, 2009