SolarWinds Integrates Tek-Tools SRM

SolarWinds took its first step towards integrating Tek-Tools’ Profiler storage resource management (SRM) software into its management stack with downloadable versions of the software and a new pricing model that lowers the cost of the Profiler suite.

SolarWinds snapped Tek-Tools up earlier this year with plans to integrate Tek-Tools Profiler SRM software into the SolarWinds Orion portfolio of network and application management software (see “SolarWinds acquires Tek-Tools for SRM”).

Profiler is a Web-based, real-time and historical resource monitoring, forecasting, and reporting software suite. Profiler gives users visibility into the performance of storage and virtualized server infrastructures with real-time and historical resource monitoring, forecasting, and reporting.

The software also uses a policy-driven automation framework to report and forecast trends for SANs, NAS and DAS, as well as applications in physical and virtual IT infrastructures.

The SolarWinds Orion suite includes tools for network, systems and application management, and includes products such as the Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) and Application Performance Monitor (APM).

The changes to Profiler are, so far, cosmetic. The newly rebranded SolarWinds Profiler suite is now available for download on the SolarWinds website and has been consolidated into three offerings – Storage Profiler, Server and Virtualization Profiler, and Backup Profiler.

In addition, SolarWinds has changed the Profiler pricing model to bring it in line with the rest of the Orion family. SolarWinds is now offering disk-based licensing for monitoring of heterogeneous storage devices.

Sanjay Castelino, SolarWinds’ vice president of product management and product marketing, says the new licensing model lowers the entry price for the Profiler suite.

Storage Profiler now starts at $2,995 with support for 50 disks. The backup management piece, Backup Profiler, starts at $500 and the Server and Virtualization Profiler starts at $1,995 for 10 servers.

The next step, according to Castelino, is to create a single view of the entire IT infrastructure through full product integration.

“We have streamlined the evaluation process and made Profiler more accessible to small and medium enterprises by simplifying the licensing structure, but customers want to see everything from a single pane of glass,” he says. “Going forward, Profiler will get integrated into Orion and we will continue to evolve the product as storage manufacturers add new products and technologies.”