Storage tiering with automated data migration

– Taking advantage of expanding storage tiers via automated data migration is becoming commonplace, but vendors differ widely in how they implement the technology, according to a report recently posted on InfoStor sister site Datamation.

Tracing its roots from hierarchical storage management (HSM), the article looks at the key issue that end users should take into consideration when evaluating data migration in the context of tiered storage, including the level of granularity (LUN, sub-LUN, block), performance (background mode vs. real time), and architectures (host, network, target).

The article includes a quick look at a few implementation examples, including EMC's FAST, Compellent's Data Progression, 3PAR's Dynamic Optimization, and FalconStor's Data Migration.

Read the full report at Datamation: "Data Migration: EMC, Compellent, 3PAR, FalconStor."

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This article was originally published on July 14, 2010