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MTI combines NAS, SAN
This month, MTI Technology began shipments of a high-end disk array that combines network-attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) functionality. The Vivant V35 storage server includes eight Fibre Channel RAID I/O engines and provides up to 12TB of combined (NAS and SAN) capacity. On the NAS side, the array supports the NFS and CIFS protocols.

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The V35 includes up to 40 Fibre Channel host connections; either four Gigabit Ethernet or eight 10/100BaseT Ethernet connections; and 16 internal connections to dual-ported, 10,000rpm Fibre Channel disk drives (36GB or 73GB).

Users can set up the array in RAID level 0, 1, 0+1, or 5 configurations or in a configuration that supports multiple RAID levels. All components are redundant, including mirrored cache. Pricing for the disk array starts at $800,000. www.mti.com.

VMIC debuts Ultra160 SCSI host bus adapter

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VMIC's VMIPCI-5790 is a dual-channel Ultra160 (160MBps) SCSI host bus adapter (HBA) for PCI-based servers. The HBA supports LVD and single-ended SCSI and is based on LSI Logic's SYM53C1010 single-chip controller. Other features include a 32/64-bit 33/66MHz PCI interface, 64-bit addressing via Dual Address Cycle (DAC), double transition clocking for a theoretical maximum throughput rate of 160MBps, cyclic redundancy check (CRC), and domain validation. Prices start at $620.

VMIC is also shipping an HBA that combines support for Fibre Channel and Ultra160 SCSI. The VMIPCI-5760 is priced at $1,529. www.vmic.com.

HP offers storage capacity-on-demand
Hewlett-Packard recently announced HP e-utilica-a plug-in-play storage system scalable to 37TB and designed specifically for service providers. HP e-utilica lets service providers instantly launch or enhance pay-per-use storage, application hosting, and compute capacity services.

The storage system comprises an administration rack to connect the compute power to the Internet securely; compute racks to accommodate up to 20 systems; and storage racks in 2 meter form factors that support RAID level 1 and 5 and Fibre Channel.

HP e-utilica also supports HP SureStore Disk Array XP512 and XP48, as well as HP-UX, Windows 2000, NT, and Linux operating systems. Pricing for the HP e-utilica starts at $500,000. The unit is currently available. www.hp.com.

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NSS, TAC launch low-cost NAS servers
Network Storage Solutions this month launched the ProStor line of network-attached storage (NAS) servers, which are based on an Intel motherboard and chassis and NSS's SPANStor multi-protocol NAS kernel software. An entry-level version, priced from $7,995 for 360GB, comes with a five-drive backplane that can be upgraded to 10 drives in a 5U rack enclosure. A 730GB version will be available next quarter.

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Features include an 866MHz Pentium-III CPU, 66MHz/64-bit PCI support, 256MB to 4GB of ECC SDRAM memory, and a multi-channel SCSI RAID controller. www.nssolutions.com.

The TAC Systems division of Aditi Networks has also introduced a low-cost NAS server-the NAS-Turbo-that ranges from 60GB ($4,875) to 4.5TB ($135,000, or $.03 per MB). The servers support Windows NT and NetWare operating systems simultaneously. The NAS-Turbo is available in 8-, 16-, or 32-bay versions. www.lanredi.com.


Overland guarantees 99.999% uptime
Overland Data last month announced the Neo Series, the third generation of its LibraryXpress family of tape libraries. With up to 24TB of native capacity, the series marks Overland's entry into enterprise markets.

Neo libraries feature redundant robotics and hot-swappable drives and power supplies for 99.999% uptime, according to company officials. Redundant features can be activated locally, remotely via a Web browser, or automatically through scripting and are integral components of the library's new Distributed Robotic Architecture.

A PCI-based Virtual Interface Architec-ture (VIA) option bay and an optional Fibre Channel interface allow users to customize libraries and to plug into storage area network (SAN) or network-attached storage (NAS) environments.

Up to eight LXN2000 modules can be configured in one 5U-high library for as much as 24TB of capacity. Each module supports up to two DLT8000, Super DLT, or LTO Ultrium drives, and up to 30 media slots.

Pricing for the Neo Series starts at $23,000, which includes a single DLT8000 drive and 26 slots. The series will be available next month. www.overlanddata.com.

Sony ships AIT libraries
This month, Sony Electronics will begin shipments of its first AIT-2 tape libraries. The Sony AIT 304 will initially be manufactured by an undisclosed OEM supplier.

"The 304 bridges the gap between our autoloader and high-end offerings-an area currently dominated by DLT technology," says Nobo Kawasaki, marketing manager, tape solutions business, at Sony.

The library can house up to four AIT-2 drives and 30 cartridges (one fixed 10-slot magazine and two 10-slot removable magazines) for up to 1.5TB of native capacity and a 24MBps transfer rate. The library is available as a standalone unit or in a 5U rack-mount configuration. Customers will be able to swap out AIT-2 drives for AIT-3 models when they become available later this year.

The library has an MSRP of $22,000. www.storagebysony.com.

Quantum/ATL, NetApp unveil tape backup
As part of the Open Storage Initiative, Quantum/ATL and Network Appliance last month unveiled ATL NAS Backup Solution, which allows NetApp filers to directly back up data over Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) to any available tape drive in an NDMP-based ATL P-Series library.

A GbE switch (e.g., Cisco's Catalyst 6500) connects the library to the network and routes data and control commands to the library. The library's Prism Management Card (PMC), which acts as an embedded server, handles a variety of tasks, including NDMP responsibilities. The card also acts as an intelligent, Web-based interface, which allows users to configure IP addresses, create authentication passwords, identify masks, and enter the default gateway from anywhere on the corporate network or via an Internet connection. The solution works with any NDMP-compliant backup software, such as Veritas' NetBackup.

The configuration is priced from $145,000. www.atlp.com. and www.netapp.com.

HP to ship SureStore tape products
Hewlett-Packard last month introduced two SureStore tape products aimed at the service provider market: the Ultrium 215 and Tape Array 5300. The products complement the HP Netserver LP 1000R.

The Ultrium 215 is the first half-height LTO Ultrium drive, according to HP officials. The drive provides up to 100GB of native capacity but with half the perfor mance of HP's Ultrium 230 product. The 215 can be configured in multiple server, rack, and automation environments, including the Tape Array 5300. It lists for $3,800 and will be available next month.

The SureStore Tape Array 5300 is designed for users with budget and space constraints. It features a 3U enclosure and is compatible with leading rack-mounted servers and workstations, operating systems, and backup software. The tape array currently supports DLT and LTO Ultrium tape drives and will reportedly be adapted to accommodate DAT and DVD technologies in the future. It lists for $700 and will be available April 1. www.hp.com.

ADIC releases AMASS for Unix 5.0
ADIC's AMASS for Unix 5.0 is designed to enable IT departments and integrators to more effectively leverage the capacity of automated optical and tape libraries. Enhancements include an intelligent caching utility, broader file protection, and support for LTO Ultrium tape technology.

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The software's intelligent cache feature enables administrators to customize the way the cache handles files for improved system performance and for more-demanding application environments. This is accomplished via a rules-based priority system that determines the policies for retaining files in cache.

With the release, ADIC also extended the reach of its Infinite File Life (IFL) file migration utility to platforms such as HP-UX, Compaq Tru64, and IBM AIX and to storage media such as DTF1 and AIT.

A complete list of supported platforms, drives, and libraries is available on the company's Website. www.adic.com.


HP intros MO jukeboxes
Hewlett-Packard is now shipping its SureStore 9.1GB-based magneto-optical (MO) jukeboxes, offering 75% more capacity and 30% higher data transfer rates than previous HP jukebox products, the company claims.

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The jukeboxes scale from 9.1GB to 2.2TB, have a 6.1Mbps transfer rate, and can read all industry-standard 5.25-inch MO media. However, they can only write to 9.1GB and 650MB media. In addition, the products support rewritable and write-once/read-many (WORM) media formats. Fibre Channel is supported via point-to-point connectivity. SCSI is also supported.

The jukeboxes can be upgraded with more drives and capacity, while previous-generation 2.1GB and 5.2GB jukeboxes can be converted to 9.1GB. www.hp.com.


BakBone supports NAS, SAN
BakBone Software recently began shipping version 6.03 of its NetVault backup and restore software. Offering network data management protocol (NDMP) and Windows 2000 support, NetVault 6.03 lets users implement the same software across a range of topologies, including network-attached storage (NAS) and storage area networks (SANs).

NetVault's NDMP for NetApp leverages data transfers occurring over the network, while maintaining centralized backup ad-ministration for online backup and restore of NAS data.

Updated features include:

  • Disk staging for automatic data replication during off-peak hours;
  • Support for consolidation of multiple incremental backups; and
  • Increased flexibility with online copies or previously saved backups.

NetVault 6.03 starts at $1,000 for Windows 2000/NT and Linux implementations, and $3,725 for Unix configurations. www.bakbone.com.

Snap Appliances releases Snap OS v3.0
Quantum subsidiary Snap Appliances last month announced the release of Snap OS v3.0 The upgrade, available as a free download from the company's Website, supports Snap server models 1000, 2000, 4000, and 4100, and all Meridian Data-branded network-attached storage (NAS) devices.

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New features include "NTFS-like" file-level and directory-level security; the ability to establish, manage, and track disk space quotas; NFS 3.0 and SNMP support; and full-time or part-time FTP server functionality.

Snap also launched a developer's release of a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for its 4100 NAS devices. The technology, which is based on Java and Insignia Solution's Jeode embedded virtual machine, makes it possible to customize the 4100 into application appliances such as database, communication, or vertical market application servers.

"JVM exposes the functionality of the server," says Jeff Hill, Snap's senior director of product marketing. "It has the potential to change the fundamental nature of these products into specialized products." Snap Appliances expects to offer JVM capability in April or May. www.snapserver.com.

This article was originally published on February 01, 2001