Caringo launches free cloud application for CAStor

By Kevin Komiega

-- Caringo today announced the availability of a free application for Microsoft Windows that creates a desktop folder and, in conjunction with the company's CAStor storage cluster, creates a private cloud for file storage and archiving.

Dubbed the CloudFolder, the free download sets up automatic access to a CAStor cluster as a private cloud or a shared cloud provided by a managed services provider (MSP). Caringo is positioning CloudFolder as a simple way for IT departments to provide mobile and remote users with remote file storage and archiving.

CloudFolder works with Caringo's CAStor content storage software, yet functions like a standard Windows folder. Users can drag and drop individual files or whole directories to CloudFolder for remote storage and can make it a shared folder. Users can retrieve files as they would any other file on their desktop.

Caringo's CAStor 3.0 software allows users to build a storage cluster from as small as 1TB or as large as multiple petabytes using commodity x86 servers. The system uses standard HTTP as well as CIFS for file access, which according Derek Gascon, Caringo's vice president of marketing, is well suited for cloud storage. The CloudFolder is simply a new access mechanism for CAStor.

"We simplified our approach by providing end users with the ability to install CloudFolder on the Windows desktop. It behaves like a traditional Windows folder and helps create a low-cost, centralized file store for a distributed workforce," says Gascon.

A 4TB license for CAStor 3.0 and the CloudFolder application are available as free downloads from Caringo's website.

Caringo CEO Mark Goros says CloudFolder gives organizations the ability to offer their end users file access and protection without impact to their normal activities.

"The market for so-called private clouds is expanding dramatically. We believe CloudFolder will inspire users to test and deploy private cloud storage within an organization or throughout a network of managed service customers," says Goros.

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This article was originally published on June 23, 2009