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Procom attacks NetApp, EMC
Taking aim at network-attached storage (NAS) market leaders Network Appliance and EMC, Procom Technology recently introduced high-end NAS servers based on Fibre Channel disk technology. The NetForce 3100HA includes dual-active Fibre Channel RAID controllers and a fault-tolerant architecture with redundant cooling fans and power supplies. The NetForce 3200SFT is a dual-server version with support for clustered fail-over, which can occur in less than five seconds, according to Procom officials. Both NAS servers can scale to 4.38TB of capacity using 60 73GB Fibre Channel disk drives.

The NAS filers support NFS under Unix and CIFS under Windows, as well as the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) for LAN-free backup. The filers are certified with NDMP-compliant software from Legato and Veritas.

Pricing for the 3100HA starts at $42,000, while pricing for the 3200SFT can range up to $370,000 for a 4.3TB configuration. www.procom.com.

CaminoSoft debuts "data management appliance"
Combining hard disks, removable media, and data migration software, CaminoSoft's T-Rex "data management appliance" is based on a RAID-5 cache array that scales to 12TB. Removable media includes optical discs such as DVD. The appliance works in conjunction with Server Migration Agent software that runs on NetWare or Windows NT/2000 platforms.

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The data migration (or hierarchical storage management) software migrates infrequently accessed data files from hard disks to less expensive slower media such as optical discs. Migration takes place according to pre-defined watermarks. www.caminosoft.com.

Chaparral ships 2Gbps RAID controllers
Based on JNI's Emerald IV JNIC-1460 ASIC chip, Chaparral's A8526 RAID controllers offer support for second-generation, 2Gbps Fibre Channel as well as Ultra160 SCSI. For storage area network (SAN) environments, the controllers support logical unit number zoning and array partitioning for sharing disk arrays. The Emerald ASIC supports auto-rate negotiation for 1Gbps or 2Gbps speeds. The controller works with 64-bit, 66MHz PCI host interfaces and can be managed in-band over Fibre Channel or out-of-band over an Ethernet interface. www.chaparralnet.com.


STK expands L-Series libraries
Aiming to bring enterprise-level tape storage features to small to medium-sized businesses, StorageTek has expanded its L-Series family to include 4TB and 8TB libraries. StorageTek says its new L40 and L80 DLT libraries provide users with the flexibility, performance, and availability of traditional enterprise-class libraries at NT prices.

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The L40 library is available in 20- or 40-slot, one- to four-drive configurations for a maximum native capacity of 4TB and a 60MBps native throughput rate. The library features a SCSI-3 Fast-Wide interface (LVD or HVD), which can be upgraded to Fibre Channel, a digital vision system for continuous calibration, a two-cartridge access port with removable magazine, and an embedded Web-based monitor.

The L80 offers the same drive and interface support as the L40 but is more scalable. The library is available in 40-, 60-, or 80-slot, 18-drive configurations for up to 8TB of capacity and a 120MBps native throughput. The library has a five-cartridge access port with removable magazine and the same connectivity and management features as the L40.

Both libraries are compatible with Windows NT, NetWare, Linux, and Unix platforms. Users can upgrade within the L-Series family. StorageTek began volume shipments of the L40 last month and expects to ship the L80 in May. A two-DLT 8000 drive, 40-slot L40 lists for $29,950. Pricing for the L80 has not been announced. www.storagetek.com.

Tandberg, Imation intro SLR7 drive, cartridge
Targeting entry-level server markets, Tandberg Data and Imation this month began shipping 20GB (native) Scalable Linear Recording (SLR) tape drives and cartridges. The new drive-the SLR7-features a 3MBps native transfer rate, Overland Data's VR2 technology, 2-channel thin-film magneto-resistive heads, advanced error correction (Reed Solomon Level 10), inline compression, and an 8MB buffer. The drive supports the SCSI Ultra2 Wide LVD/SE interface. Pricing is $749 to $799 for the drive and $49 for a single cartridge. www.tandberg.com and www.imation.com.

ATL announces low-cost library
Quantum/ATL last month announced the M1500 DLT library for companies that want to start small but need the scalability and data availability of enterprise-class systems.

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The rack-mountable library is available in two-drive, 20-slot increments, or modules, and is scalable to 20 drives and 200 cartridges. An independent module, called StackLink, integrates multiple modules into a single library with media movement between any library module and any available tape drive. ATL claims the cartridges can be passed from one module to another within three seconds. In addition, a module can be pulled from the rack without affecting the system's ability to shuttle cartridges back and forth.

ATL also claims to have set a new standard for capacity density. "This is the most compact DLT library in the market," says Gary Brenkman, director of product marketing. Each module is 7 inches (4U rack units) high, enabling users to stack up to 10 units in a standard rack. Native capacity starts at 800GB and scales to 8TB using 20 DLT 8000 drives. LTO and SDLT libraries will be available in the April/May timeframe.

Other features include a built-in PRISM PCI expansion bus, triaxial robotics, hot-swappable drives, and separate cooling fans for electronics, drives, and power supplies.

Quantum/ATL began shipping the libraries late last month. A 20-cartridge unit with a single DLT 8000 drive is priced from $17,645. www.quantum.com.


Veritas ships NetBackup 4.0
Veritas Software last month began shipping its first Vertex Initiative offering: NetBackup 4.0. The release features support for Veritas' ServerFree Agent and Oracle ServerFree Agent. The "generic" ServerFree Agent enables serverless backup in a variety of storage environments; Oracle ServerFree Agent is specifically designed for serverless backup in Oracle 8i or higher environments.

Data is moved from disk to tape without the involvement of an application or database server. The ServerFree Agent makes a "point-in-time" copy, or snapshot, of the backup data, and the data is mapped so it's physical location is known. Veritas says this two-step process ensures a reliable backup process.

To move data, the agent makes use of the SCSI Extended Copy Command, a block-oriented command that resides in storage area network hardware devices. The use of this command makes the agent compatible with devices from Chaparral Network Storage, Crossroads Systems, and Path-light, among others.

NetBackup 4.0 starts at $10,000 per server; the ServerAgent, which requires release 4.0, costs an additional $9,000 per server. Add $9,000 per server for the Oracle ServerFree Agent. www.veritas.com.

BMC broadens Patrol family
BMC Software is shipping Patrol Storage Network Manager and Patrol Recovery DB2 Universal Database-the newest members of its storage management product family.

Patrol Storage Network Manager provides a single, integrated point of control for monitoring, managing, controlling, and automating storage elements across the enterprise. The product can automatically discover and map all of the storage devices within a network to provide a graphical view for administrators. Storage area networks (SANs), network-attached storage (NAS), and direct-attached storage are also supported. Pricing starts at $30,000.

Patrol Recovery for DB2 Universal Database automates backup-and-recovery tasks and eliminates the manual steps and downtime required for completion of these tasks. The product provides the information necessary to selectively choose a full database recovery, table space recovery, or point-in-time recovery. Pricing starts at $6,000. www.bmc.com.

KOM virtualizes storage
Last month, KOM Networks launched its Virtual StorageWorx software, which the company describes as "policy-driven file virtualization" software. The code allows companies to integrate multiple storage devices-including hard disk arrays, solid-state disks, and optical devices-into one virtual repository so that the storage appears as virtual volumes. Each volume can store as much as 500 petabytes of data. Virtual StorageWorx is the first package in KOM's StealthWorx suite and is priced from $35,000.

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The software is independent of specific vendor's devices, as well as interconnects, topologies, and protocols, and has a built-in file life-cycle management feature that provides data migration in a hierarchical storage management (HSM) fashion. KOM is targeting applications in industries such as healthcare, financial, satellite communications, and defense.

StealthWorx allows system administrators to add or remove devices on-the-fly without system downtime and to shrink or expand storage capacity to meet changing organizational requirements. Other potential benefits include

  • Dynamic expansion of storage space;
  • Incorporation of new technologies into existing storage infrastructures;
  • Utilization of policies to optimize space usage; and
  • Centralized storage management and organization.

KOM recently announced an OEM agreement with Compaq, whereby Compaq will resell StealthWorx as part of the Compaq Archive documentation and archiving products. Compaq also resells KOM's Optistorm and Optiserver optical storage management software. www.komnetworks.com.

Connex supports SNIA HBA API
SANavigator Version 1.5, a Java-based storage management application from Connex, supports the Storage Network Industry Association's host bus adapter (HBA) API for in-band discovery. This feature provides HBA and attached-device information such as logical unit numbers (LUNs) on RAID arrays. The software supports data path zoning, provides additional integration features for a variety of applications, and includes a software development kit to support Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Roman characters.

SANavigator's auto-discovery feature performs an inventory of all storage area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) resources. The SANmap-detailing devices and their interconnections-lets users establish new zones, create redundant paths, and perform other management routines via a mouse.

SANavigator supports all Microsoft Windows platforms (98, NT, and 2000), Solaris, and Linux. It can launch operations such as serverless backup using third-party backup software. www.sanavigator.com.

Peer intros backup and sync tools
Peer Software recently introduced File-N-Sync and File-N-Sync Plus, which simplify backup and synchronization operations. File-N-Sync Version 1.0 offers an interface for file creation and maintenance tasks. Files can be used during copy operations, and files/folders can be included or excluded via filtering capabilities. Dates and times of files are checked and are only synchronized if target files are older than the matching source file to reduce file transfer requirements. The product can be used with Windows 9x/NT4/2000.

File-N-Sync Plus offers the same features as File-N-Sync Version 1.0 but includes other synchronization and replication options such as replication from source to target and replicating with exact match options. www.peersoftware.com.


Plextor debuts 16x CD drive
Plextor is shipping its PlexWriter 16/10/40A internal drive, featuring 16x CD recording, 10x CD rewriting, and 40x CD playback. The drive can rewrite a 650MB disc in six minutes, according to the company.

The PlexWriter includes an E-IDE (ATAPI-4) interface with a data buffer capacity of 2MB. Its average random access time is 140ms, with burst transfer rates of 16.6MBps. The drive records CD-R discs at speeds ranging from 600KBps to 2.4MBps. It plays back both CD-R and CD-ROM discs at speeds ranging from 600KBps to 6MBps. CD-RW media can be recorded at 300KBps to 1.5MBps, and read back at 4.8MBps. In addition, the drive can extract audio CDs at 6MBps.

The drive supports a variety of write modes, including track-at-once, disc-at-once, session-at-once, multi-session, and variable/fixed packet writing. Also, a software suite enables music and video file playback, CD backup, and WAV file display to operating systems and applications. The CD unit is priced at $309 MSRP. www.plextor.com.

This article was originally published on March 01, 2001