Virtual servers create storage challenges

Server virtualization is arguably the hottest trend in the IT arena, but users are rapidly finding out that virtualization can create as much complexity as it does consolidation, particularly in storage.

This month's Special Report, by Taneja Group analyst Jeff Boles, delves into an emerging category of products that give you better insight into your virtualization environment. Taneja dubs this category "virtual infrastructure optimization" (VIO) and includes vendors such as Akorri, BlueStripe, NetApp (Onaro) and Virtual Instruments in the VIO ranks with, no doubt, more to come.

VIO tools are not just for storage; they can also provide critical insight into virtual server, network and application environments.

VIO is an interesting new category of products, but virtually every storage vendor is tweaking its products to work better in virtual server environments. The topic is so hot that we've launched a four-part Webcast series on "Virtual Servers and the Impact on Storage."

Developed in conjunction with InfoStor's partner, Virtual Strategy Magazine (virtual-strategy.com), the Webcasts feature experts from the vendor community educating end users and systems/storage integrators and resellers about how to optimize storage infrastructures for virtual server environments.

By the time you read this, the first Webcast ("Eliminating the I/O Bottleneck") may have already aired (at press time it was scheduled for May 21), but it's archived on infostor.com.

Coming up . . .

June: Data Protection for Virtual Servers

Server virtualization creates unique challenges for backup and recovery, business continuity and disaster recovery. This Webcast will examine the issues and provide solutions.

July: SANs for Virtual Servers: iSCSI and Fibre Channel

Networked storage, as opposed to direct-attached storage, is essential for maximizing throughput and efficiency in virtual server environments. Fibre Channel is still the dominant technology for SANs, but iSCSI is coming on strong. This presentation will explore SAN issues in a virtual server context.

August: Storage Considerations for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Storage is a vital component of a VDI, and can be expensive if not implemented effectively. This Webcast will provide guidance on how to optimize storage to manage costs when building your VDI environment.

Check infostor.com for specific dates and registration details.

Dave Simpson

This article was originally published on May 01, 2009