Archiving Featured Articles

Atempo makes Mac archiving a priority
Atempo is making inroads in the archiving world in a non-traditional way. The newest version of the company's Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) product is aimed squarely at the underserved Mac archiving market.
Permabit drives down archiving costs
Permabit Technology is using bigger drives, faster processors and capacity optimization techniques to power the newest storage node in its Enterprise Archive Data Center Series of archiving platforms. The result, according to company executives, is an archiving system that costs less than $1 per GB.
Tarmin's active archive supports SharePoint
<strong>April 16, 2009</strong> -- Tarmin Technologies this week announced the second release of its GridBank active archive platform for unstructured, fixed-content data on secondary storage resources. In addition to providing active archive functionality, GridBank also encompasses object-based storage and information lifecycle management functionality.
EMC replaces EmailXtender with SourceOne
EMC is bidding farewell to its EmailXtender archiving software in favor of SourceOne, a new platform designed with an eye toward today's data centers.