Archiving Featured Articles

Amazon Launches Flash-based Cloud Data Warehousing Option
New Dense Compute nodes for Redshift help businesses speed up their cloud-based analytics.
Archival Data Storage and Weather Forecasting
Like many businesses with dramatic data growth, weather forecasters need an ever-expanding amount of storage.
Symantec NetBackup 7.6 Supercharges VM Restores
Cozy ties with VMware's virtualization tech enables Symantec's latest enterprise data protection offering to slash virtual machine backups and restores.
EMC Debuts InfoArchive 3.0
Structured or unstructured, EMC's "live archiving" tech breathes new life into application data archives.
Data Storage Technologies to Watch in 2014
Software defined is a leader, as is hybrid IT and solutions that enhance mobile access to storage.
StoneFly Unwraps Twin Scale Out NAS Appliances
Storage firm shows off a new line of NAS hardware built to handle massive rich media files and enable enterprise file-sharing.