77 Open Source Storage Applications
These open-source storage apps can help businesses or home users set up a storage appliance, build their own cloud storage service, backup their systems and more.

Carbonite Acquires MailStore for Email Archiving
In addition to email archives, Carbonite’s cloud backup platform will gain full-text search and indexing capabilities.

Future of Data Storage: 8 Technologies Changing Storage
From near term improvements in networking to longer-term evolution in storage media, data storage is changing dramatically.

Archives, AWS and Long Term Costs
Using Amazon for long term archives is a high risk, opines one storage pundit.

Needed: Easy to Use Storage Encryption
Protecting our data with storage encryption needs to be much simpler and easier than it is with current systems.

Data Storage: What is Cold Storage?
An attempt to clear up the confusion in the storage industry about the oft-used term cold storage.

FalconStor Cloudifies Its Data Protection Slate
The storage software maker rolls out new updates aimed at private clouds and services providers.

Sony Unveils 185 TB Tape Tech
Forget LTO-6. Sony’s latest innovation proves there’s plenty of life and storage space left in magnetic tape storage.

Oracle Adds Database Backup, Storage to Cloud Services Slate
A new, deeply integrated backup offering and an object storage solution expand Oracle’s reach into the enterprise cloud market.

Box Files for $250M IPO
The provider of business-friendly cloud storage services announces its plans to go public.

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