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In-Depth: Continuous data protection (CDP)
<B>May 24, 2007</B>—Industry analysts consider it to be among the top-five "hot" storage technologies, and end-user adoption is ramping up rapidly, yet there's still some confusion surrounding continuous data protection (CDP).
Data Domain doubles VTL performance
<B>May 11, 2007</B>—Data Domain plans to beef up its high-end virtual tape libraries (VTLs) with a faster, more-scalable de-duplication system that offers twice the performance of previous systems.
Tape market update: LTO the only bright spot
<B>May 3, 2007</B>—Tape market research firm Freeman Reports released its <I>Tape Library Outlook 2007</I> report this week, and in terms of tape formats LTO is the only growth market.