Backup And Recovery Featured Articles

How real is cloud computing/storage?
Cloud computing and cloud storage are becoming more viable, but a number of issues still remain - including security.
InMage upgrades DR software
The 5.1 release of InMage Systems' Scout disaster recovery (DR) software includes a number of features designed primarily for large end-user sites (hundreds or thousands of servers), as well as managed service providers (MSPs) and cloud services providers.
EMC adds cascaded replication to Data Domain systems
EMC is making it easier to move data between Data Domain deduplication systems at multiple sites with enhancements to the Data Domain Replicator software option.
Cleversafe adds object-based storage to dsNets
In an effort to capitalize on the growth of unstructured data, Cleversafe has announced the addition of object-based storage to its Dispersed Storage Network (dsNet) platform.
Cloud storage opportunities and challenges
With total IT spending on cloud computing projected to grow at least threefold by 2012, a lot is being heard today about the potential benefits of cloud computing.
NEC upgrades HYDRAstor for long-term archiving
NEC is turning its HYDRAstor grid storage system into a long-term archiving platform with performance, security, availability, and management upgrades aimed at storing data for 100 years.