Backup And Recovery Featured Articles

Quantum Ships Mid-range FC VTL
Quantum's DXi6700 has a VTL interface and bundled data deduplication and replication software
SNIA forms Cloud Backup and Recovery SIG
The goal of the group is to promote end-user education and adoption of cloud storage.
Actifio introduces data management virtualization
Startup Actifio came out of stealth mode today and introduced a set of products for data protection, disaster recovery and business continuity.
i365 expands cloud storage services
Seagate's i365 cloud storage business has integrated its online backup and recovery services with cloud server recovery.
Startup promises to solve distributed applications issues
Translattice launched today with the goal of changing the way enterprises provision distributed applications and data.
Consider open source appliances for backup
Backup appliances based on open source software have potential advantages over traditional backup software or in-house scripts.
Geminare integrates cloud archive with public clouds
The 2.0 version of Geminare's Cloud Storage Assurance platform includes an indexing engine that can be integrated with major public cloud storage platforms, including