Backup And Recovery Featured Articles

Google Floats Unlimited Business Cloud Storage Plan
The company launches an unlimited cloud storage plan for $10 per month.
Oracle Tackles Boot Storms with ZFS Storage ZS3 Updates
New upgrades take aim at unpredictable virtual machine workloads and OpenStack clouds.
Cray Adapts Big Data Tiered Storage Platform for Lustre
The HPC specialist takes aim at big data with new storage management software for the Lustre file system.
Amplidata Himalaya to Power Verizon's Enterprise Storage Cloud
The telecom giant taps Amplidata's newest offering to provide a roomy storage cloud for enterprise customer data.
Dropbox Snaps up Private Messaging Startup Droptalk
Cloud-based file storage is no longer enough. Dropbox's latest acquisition may bring built-in collaboration features to its online file storage platform.
Infrascale Banks $16.3M for Cloud Backup, Snaps up Eversync
The cloud-based backup provider lands more funds, acquires data protection appliance maker Eversync.