Disk Based Backup Featured Articles

Toshiba Unveils 2.5-Inch 12 Gbps SAS Enterprise Hard Drives
The company aims to increase data center storage density by doubling the capacity of its compact 15K RPM hard drives.
IBM Bullish on Flash Storage in 2015
An IBM insider offers a peek into the IT giant's flash storage playbook for 2015.
Seagate Slims Down External Storage at CES
The hard drive maker debuts a svelte new 500 GB external drive and more storage options for the digital home.
ExaGrid Buffs Up Its Disk Backup Appliances
The company's new EX32000E backup system scales to 882 TB of disk-based backup capacity.
Disk Storage System Sales Slip in Q2: IDC
Data storage vendors experience a drop in demand for high-end systems for the fourth straight quarter.
Dell Launches DL1000 and DR2000v Backup Appliances
Company ships new data protection offerings with SMBs and remote office environments in mind.
What Do 6TB Drives Mean to Data Storage?
How will the release of these hefty drives change the data storage landscape?
Helium Drives for Data Storage
You might consider a helium drive, but make sure you’re making the right product comparison.
Data Storage Mysteries: What Happened to MAID?
The technology behind massive array of idle drives never took off, despite massive hype. Its failure offers a lesson for today's storage admins.
Sony and Panasonic Work on New Optical Archival Disc
Another optical disc format? The companies see a future for a Blu-ray successor that packs up to 1 TB of storage capacity.
The Need for Realistic Benchmarking Protocols
Without realistic benchmarks that address real world problems all we we are going to get is vendor hype.
Data Storage Issues: Big Data Benchmarking
SPEC storage benchmarks are well designed, yet the underlying hardware is often not configured for the real world.
The Future of Cold Storage
Several data storage technologies are competing to be the leader in the storage of infrequently accessed data.
Data Storage Buyouts Reflect Industry Trends
To know what data storage trends are hot, look at which companies are getting acquired.
Seagate to Acquire Xyratex for $374M
Hard drive maker is snapping up a provider of enterprise storage systems and drive testing equipment used in manufacturing.
The Rise of Helium Drives in Data Storage
After many years of research, helium-filled enterprise class disk drives are entering the market.
SGI Tackles Big Data Storage
HPC systems provider unveils a new line of Big Data storage solutions and pre-integrated Hadoop systems.
HDDs Are Still Spinning (Rust Never Sleeps)
Contrary to some accounts, traditional spinning disks continue to play a major role in enterprise storage.
Kaminario Upgrades K2 With DataProtect
The solid-state pure play is bundling new data protection software with its K2 SAN systems.
Nimbus Delivers Flash Storage for Mission-Critical Infrastructure
Nimbus Data Systems' E-Class Flash Memory System is a fully redundant multi-protocol solid-state storage system that packs 440 TB into a single rack and is intended for mission-critical enterprise and cloud infrastructure.
Seagate Revises 2Q Guidance Upward but HDDs Still in Short Supply
Reporting preliminary fiscal second quarter 2012 financial results, Seagate Technology said revenues for the quarter were better than expected, but it believes hard disk drives will continue to be in short supply through 2012.
Market for External Disk Storage Systems Continues Growth, but Slows
IDC and Gartner agreed that external disk storage systems posted double-digit growth for the sixth consecutive time in the third quarter of 2011, but that growth appears to be slowing.