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Henry Newman
by Henry Newman
InfoStor Blogger

Henry Newman is CEO and CTO of Instrumental Inc. and has worked in HPC and large storage environments for 29 years. The outspoken Mr. Newman initially went to school to become a diplomat, but was firmly told during his first year that he might be better suited for a career that didn't require diplomatic skills. Diplomacy's loss was HPC's gain.

AES Encryption Advantages: Storage vs. CPU

You need to encrypt data at rest, but should you use the storage device or the CPU to do the encryption work?

Application Interface For Data Storage: Change Needed

Application interfaces have not change to take advantage of significant moves forward.

IBM's Struggles

The current era isn't the only one in which IBM has been challenged by huge shifts in the tech landscape.

Enterprise Strategy Group
by Enterprise Strategy Group
InfoStor Blogger

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) is an integrated, IT analyst and business strategy firm that provides forward-looking market intelligence, analysis, and consulting.

Why Dell Buying AppAssure Makes Sense

Dell's latest acquisition  adds backup software to its product portfolio. Analysts laud this latest move.

Jeff Layton
by Jeff Layton
InfoStor Blogger

Jeff Layton is the Enterprise Technologist for HPC at Dell and a regular writer of all things HPC and storage on Enterprise Storage Forum.

File System Check Test Results Are In

The Linux file system FSCK test results recently published on Enterprise Storage Forum stirred up some questions and a few comments. Here's some preliminary analysis.

Dave Simpson
by Dave Simpson

Dave Simpson has been the Editor-in-Chief of InfoStor since its inception in 1997. He previously held editorial positions at publications such as Datamation, Systems Integration, and Digital News and Review. He can be contacted at dsimpson@quinstreet.com

Frank Berry
by Frank Berry
InfoStor Guest Blogger

Frank Berry is CEO and senior analyst, unified networking practice, at IT Brand Pulse. He is a 30-year veteran of the IT industry, and has held senior executive positions at storage vendors such as QLogic and Quantum.

Kevin Komiega
by Kevin Komiega
Senior Editor

Kevin Komiega has been the Senior Editor of InfoStor since 2005. He was previously a senior news writer with SearchStorage.com and held a position as a public relations account executive with Porter Novelli, Boston. Kevin also spent four years running tape backup operations at the University of Rhode Island's Academic Computer Center. He can be contacted at kkomiega@quinstreet.com.

Jeff Boles
by Jeff Boles
InfoStor Guest Blogger

Jeff has a broad background of hands-on operational IT management and infrastructure engineering experience, with more than 20 years of experience in the trenches of practicing IT.
Prior to joining the Taneja Group, Jeff was director of an infrastructure and application consulting practice at CIBER and, more recently, an IT manager with a special focus on storage management at the City of Mesa, Ariz.