The Top 6 storage software vendors

September 16, 2010 -- There hasn't been much change over the last year in terms of market shares for the Top 6 storage software vendors.

IDC recently released its quarterly report on the market, and EMC held on to its #1 ranking with a 24.4% market share on Q2 2010 revenue of $722 million, followed by Symantec at #2 (16.5% share, $488 in revenue), #3 IBM (13.9%, $410 million) and #4 NetApp (8.7%, $256 million).

Rounding out the Top 6 were CA and HP in a statistical tie. CA had a 3.6% market share on revenue of $108 million, and HP had a 3.3% share with revenue of $97 million. The only change in the lineup between Q2 2010 and Q2 2009 was a switch in positions between CA and HP.

In terms of revenue growth over the last 12 months, there were four gainers and two losers. Gainers included EMC (+13.3%), IBM (+10.6%), NetApp (+6%) and CA (+2%). Symantec (-6.9%) and HP (-10.3%) declined year-over-year.

Overall, the storage software market hit almost $3 billion in the second quarter, a 3.3% growth vs. the same period a year ago.

IDC segments the storage software market into eight product categories. Of those, the segments experiencing the most growth over the last year included storage infrastructure (+12.7%), archiving (+8.2%), storage management (+5.8%), and data protection and recovery (+4.9%).

For more details, see IDC's press release, "Storage Software Market Delivers Continued Growth in the Second Quarter."

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