The Top 5 array vendors: HP #4, Dell #5

September 9, 2010 -- Against the backdrop of the HP-Dell-3PAR drama (which, in case you were in a coma, ended with HP victorious in its $2.4 billion buyout of 3PAR), IDC recently released its quarterly report on the disk systems market.

For the second quarter of this year, EMC retained its #1 ranking in the external disk systems space with almost twice the market share of #2 IBM. On Q2 revenue of almost $1.3 billion, EMC held a 25.7% market share compared to IBM's 13.6% slice on revenue of $680 million.

NetApp was #3 with an 11.4% share on revenue of $571 million, followed very closely by HP with an 11.3% share on revenue of $567 million (which is essentially a dead heat between the two vendors).

Rounding out the Top 5 was Dell, with a 9.4% share and revenue of $472 million.

Liz Conner, IDC's senior research analyst, storage systems, estimates 3PAR's share of the market at 0.58%.

Depending on how quickly HP can ramp the 3PAR revenue stream, it won't be long before HP is firmly in the #3 spot, followed by NetApp at #4.

Or maybe not. In terms of revenue growth in 2Q10 vs. 2Q09, NetApp was the big gainer, with an impressive 55.3% revenue growth rate, followed by EMC with a 40.6% growth rate. HP only had 20.9% growth year-over-year, and Dell posted a 17% increase. IBM was the laggard at 10.9%.

The "others" category in the external disk array market continues to decline. In 2Q09, "others" accounted for 33.5% of the market ($1.6 billion in revenue), but in 2Q10 that share slipped to 28.6% ($1.4 billion). So the "others" market share is approximately the same as EMC's share.

That stat will no doubt throw more fuel on the speculation fire regarding which disk array vendor(s) will be acquired next (e.g., Compellent, Isilon, Pillar, Xiotech, etc.).

If you add up all (external + internal) storage systems revenue, the market share rankings shift: HP (19.3%), EMC (19%), IBM (15.8%), Dell (12.3%), NetApp (8.4%).

The NAS and iSCSI SAN sectors continue to rack up impressive growth figures. The combined NAS+iSCSI market grew 29.2% year-over-year in the second quarter, to $4.2 billion. EMC had a 28.9% share, followed by NetApp at 13.6%.

The NAS market posted 51.1% growth year-over-year, with EMC taking a 45.6% share followed by NetApp with 25.2%.

And the iSCSI SAN market grew 49%, with Dell in the lead with a 32.9% slice, followed by HP, NetApp and EMC in a statistical tie for second place.

Overall, the external disk storage market grew 20.4%, topping $5 billion in the second quarter.

For more details, see IDC's press release: "Disk Storage Systems Market Sustains Strong Double-Digit Growth Across All Sectors in Second Quarter."


posted by: Dave Simpson

Dave Simpson, Editor-in-Chief
by Dave Simpson

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