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Cloudy with a chance of ...

From the beginning, there has been confusion surrounding cloud storage, mostly around the definition.

Special Report

Evolving use cases for file-based storage

NAS and file virtualization can play a critical role in virtual server environments, file services, data protection, archiving, and high-performance computing.

Case Studies

Opening Pandora's box of SAN management

SAN performance and management tools from disk array vendors fail to provide the requisite heterogeneity, metrics, and interoperability to enable SAN managers to effectively manage performance.

SAN management for virtual servers

As virtualized environments grow, administrators need deeper visibility into their SANs.

Snia Of Storage

SNIA develops standards for cloud storage

The Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI) and Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) standard promise to lift the concerns and confusion around cloud storage.


The SAS Advanced Connectivity Roadmap

Advantages of the Mini-SAS High Density (HD) interconnects include denser cabling, longer cable distances, improved management, and more.


Users lukewarm on cloud storage

Many cloud storage providers have conducted surveys designed to gauge end-user interest in hosted (external) cloud storage.

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