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Consultants offer ROI/TCO advice

All vendors make ROI/TCO claims.

Deepfile reinvents itself, narrows focus

One of the biggest problems users run into when trying to meet regulatory requirements for unstructured data types is determining what data needs to be saved for compliance purposes and what data doesn’t.

EMC jump-starts iSCSI adoption

Adds iSCSI to Clariion arrays

IBM hopes to homer with ‘Blue SOX’

IBM’s new “Blue SOX” service is designed to relieve organizations of some of the day-to-day burdens of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance by handing off data management/storage responsibilities of certain data types to IBM Global Services.

Ibrix debuts parallel file system

At Linux World last month, four-year-old start-up Ibrix demonstrated its ability to overcome scalability issues with Linux clusters with its FusionFS parallel file system, the central component of the company’s recently announced Fusion Software Suite.

InMage focuses on data continuity

With the release of its DR-Scout product last month, InMage, a start-up led by Brocade co-founder Kumar Malavalli, says it is making it easier-and more affordable-for mid-tier users to protect their data, as well as consolidate data at remote offices.

Retailer chooses NAS for OLTP

A member of the Association of Storage Networking Professionals who manages storage for a large North American retailer gathered the information in this case study.

Sanrad adds replication to iSCSI switches

Sanrad this month added network-based remote data replication to the storage services supported by its family of iSCSI-based V-Switches.

STK targets fixed content, compliance

StorageTek recently expanded its write-once, read-many (WORM) capabilities beyond tape to include disk media with the introduction of its Lifecycle Fixed Content Manager (LFCM) 100, a SATA-based disk system for the long-term storage of fixed content and compliance-related data-in particular, e-mail.

Users benefit from consolidation

Case Studies: Storage Consolidation part 2

Storage In The Studio

DKP achieves full digital rendering and compositing

Toronto-based DKP Studios is used to dealing with the challenges involved in sending large data sets over its network as part of the digital rendering and compositing process.

DNA’s disk storage ensures quality effects for The Aviator

Even if your visual effects boutique is small, sometimes you need to make your systems work like the larger studios’-without the accompanying big VFX house price tag.

FotoKem streamlines digital content workflow

FotoKem is a 40-year-old post-production studio that often works on hundreds of projects simultaneously, ranging from creating digital masters to color correction.

Optimus turns to disk-based color correction

Many post-production houses, such as Chicago-based Optimus, use a telecine to first transfer original film footage onto some form of video tape (such as DVCAM, DigiBeta, D5, or D1).

Pacific Title & Art builds a SAN-based workflow

The 86-year history of Hollywood-based Pacific Title & Art Studio harks back to film titling for the first talking picture, The Jazz Singer.

Sesame Workshop stores Sesame Street on disk

Sesame Workshop is a nonprofit educational organization best known for producing the popular PBS children’s series, Sesame Street, which has been around for 35 years.

The power of the pipeline

As post-production houses and studios move toward all-digital workflows, there has been a renewed focus on the importance of storage devices at the hub of these digital pipelines.

Tippett’s SAN speeds data flow

Berkeley, CA-based Tippett Studio has a 20-year history of creating effects for feature films and commercials, including the recently released films <i>Constantine</i> and <i>Son of the Mask</i>.

Using storage to cut time creating dailies

Introduced at last year&rsquo;s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show, MTI Film&rsquo;s Control Dailies solution is based on high-speed Fibre Channel disk arrays from Bright Systems.


Evaluating options for Windows clusters

Options range from basic high-availability and load-balancing clusters to virtual machines and data-sharing clusters.

Special Report

IP Storage addresses diverse applications

End users are taking advantage of IP SANs to inexpensively solve storage problems in companies of all sizes.


Is ILM simple or complex?

When you-know-who started banging the information life-cycle management (ILM) drum, I paid careful attention to the definition&hellip;and then the many definitions that followed.

New Products

Snia On Storage

SNIA tackles grid storage requirements

Although still in its infancy, grid storage promises to alleviate cost, flexibility, and reliability issues.

Lab Review

Testing LTO-3 vs. LTO-2 and SDLT

LTO-3 stores an impressive 400GB per cartridge, but its performance will be the bigger draw.

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