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3PAR offers service level optimization

3PAR, the pioneer of thin provisioning, recently announced the availability of a Dynamic Optimization option that provides single-command, online, and non-disruptive service level optimization within the company’s InServ disk arrays.

Alacritech accelerates iSCSI

Although less than 10% of all iSCSI installations use accelerator cards, according to various surveys, that hasn’t stopped Alacritech from plowing ahead with its annual refresh of the company’s line of iSCSI and TCP/IP accelerator cards, or controllers.

Brocade partners with Tacit for WAFS

HP teams with Riverbed

DataCore adds virtual capacity

DataCore Software recently began shipping its SANmelody 2.0 “disk server” software.

EMC ships virtualization platform

At its annual Technology Summit in New Orleans last month, EMC announced that it will begin a “controlled rollout” of its highly publicized and widely anticipated fabric-based virtualization platform this summer.

HP enters new markets

At its Americas StorageWorks Conference last month, Hewlett-Packard announced the “biggest storage launch in the history of our company,” according to Ann Livermore, executive vice president in HP’s technology solutions group.

Mimosa simplifies Exchange management

New software from Mimosa Systems promises to simplify the management of Microsoft Exchange servers by enabling users to address with a single tool a variety of data management issues common to MS Exchange.

Montilio speeds up file servers, NAS

Start-up Montilio Inc. last month began shipments of a “storage-to-LAN gateway” card that the company claims can boost the performance of single-CPU file servers or NAS appliances and gateways by a factor of 3x to 6x.

SATA tops users’ ‘to-buy’ list

The four hottest storage networking technologies today are Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives, virtual tape libraries (VTLs), policy-based archiving, and remote data mirroring, according to a survey of 153 storage professionals in Fortune 1000 enterprises conducted by TheInfoPro (TIP) research firm.

SRM: More than just reporting

Despite a 31% increase in market revenue in 2004, from $468 million to $612 million, storage resource management (SRM) remains the second-smallest-albeit the fastest-growing-segment of the overall storage management software market, according to the Gartner IT consulting firm.

Veritas branches out

At its recent Vision conference, Veritas introduced some key updates to its product line and provided a glimpse into its future product plans, particularly around storage virtualization, continuous data protection (CDP), and the integration of backup with archiving.

Analyst View

Breaking through the iSCSI barriers

If IP SANs are going to enter the enterprise big leagues, iSCSI disk arrays will have to incorporate advanced technologies.

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From buzzword to the ‘V’ word

You know a buzzword’s in trouble when even vendors start referring to it as the “V” word.

Special Report

It’s a long and winding road to ILM

Although end users are convinced of the benefits of information life-cycle management, they are delaying adoption until better tools become available.

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Most Valuable Product Awards

In conjunction with the Association of Storage Networking Professionals, <span style="font-style: italic; ">InfoStor</span> recently co-sponsored the Most Valuable Product Awards.

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Storage virtualization: An overview

A book excerpt from the recently published Storage Virtualization sets the stage for understanding and debate.

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