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Dell puts 2.5-inch SAS drives in PowerVault arrays
<B>June 16, 2008</B>—Dell today introduced the PowerVault MD1120 disk array, which features 2.5-inch small-form-factor (SFF) disk drives. Although Dell has been offering both 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drives in its PowerEdge servers for some time, the MD1120 marks the first time the company is integrating 2.5-inch SAS drives in its storage subsystems.
Sun joins the SSD scramble
<strong>June 5, 2008</strong>&mdash;In a meeting with press and analysts this week, Sun Microsystems announced that it is on the verge of shipping a new crop of homegrown flash-based storage systems that combine general-purpose hardware, solid-state disks (SSDs), and open-source software.
Nexsan ships SAS array with MAID
<B>June 3, 2008</B>—This week, Nexsan Technologies introduced the SASBoy RAID array, which features the company's AutoMAID (massive array of idle disks) technology. The introduction marks Nexsan's first foray into the SAS market.