Disk Arrays Featured Articles

MLC vs. SLC flash for enterprise SSDs
Until recently, conventional wisdom dictated that SLC technology was the only type of NAND flash that was suitable for enterprise-class SSD drives. That situation is changing
Why SSDs won't replace HDDs
Consultant Henry Newman looks at the limitations of SSDs and explains why SSDs and HDDs will coexist for the foreseeable future.
Fusion-io debuts flash-optimized OS subsystem
Fusion-io introduced a flash memory-based OS subsystem called the ioMemory Virtual Storage Layer (VSL) this week.
Xiotech array targets VDI environments
July 20, 2010 -- Xiotech introduced the Emprise 9000 disk array and software enhancements this week, targeting performance-intensive environments such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments.
Nimbus scales all-flash SSD arrays
Nimbus Data Systems today added a high-end model to its line of S-class storage arrays, which are based solely on solid-state disk (SSD) drives.
Storage tiering with automated data migration
Taking advantage of expanding storage tiers via automated data migration is becoming commonplace, but vendors differ widely in how they implement the technology.
RAID array recap: Infortrend, MaxTronic
July 8, 2010 -- Infortrend recently began shipping a new addition to its ESVA RAID family that includes 8Gbps Fibre Channel host interfaces and 6Gbps SAS drive connections.
Promise adds storage services appliance
Promise Technology today announced the VTrak S3000 appliance, which includes a variety of storage services, including volume virtualization, thin provisioning, snapshots, volume copy, remote replication, data migration, WAN optimization and SSD caching software.
Oracle adds FC, dedupe to Sun Storage 7000 array
July 2, 2010 -- Oracle introduced a number of enhancements to its Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System this week, including support for Fibre Channel, data deduplication and compression, and 1TB and 2TB SAS drives.