Disk Arrays Featured Articles

Hitachi Debuts All-Flash Arrays with Integrated Data Services
The company's new Hitachi Flash Storage (HFS) A series all-flash arrays include quality of service and other data management perks for high-performance applications.
Flash's Rising Value in the Data Center: Leading SSD Products
Are SSDs a high enough value to overcome the lower cost of HDDs? Are they lowering their prices enough to compete with their natural competitors, high performance HDDs?
Seagate Joins the Helium Hard Drive Club
The company joins HGST in providing helium-filled hard drives for high-capacity enterprise data storage systems.
Disk Storage Falling out of Favor in the Data Center: Survey
It's no secret flash is gaining ground in the enterprise data storage market. A new study from Atlantis Computing reveals that some data center operators are quite eager to ditch disk-based systems.