Ssd Drives Featured Articles

IBM Bullish on Flash Storage in 2015
An IBM insider offers a peek into the IT giant's flash storage playbook for 2015.
NexGen Debuts New Hybrid Flash Arrays in Wake of SanDisk Spin-Out
The newly-independent company announces new hybrid flash storage arrays and ioControl storage software.
Kaminario's Latest Funding Round Swells to $68M
The data storage systems provider adds another $15 million to its most recent funding round as demand for its midrange all-flash arrays picks up.
Dell Sets $25K All-Flash Array Entry Fee
New, lower-priced SC Series arrays allow businesses to add flash to their storage environments for less.
SanDisk Spins Off NexGen Hybrid Array Unit
Focusing on its SSD business, the company has decided to let its hybrid storage array division stand on its own.