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Andataco supports Cheetah drives
Andataco last month added support for Seagate Technology`s 10,000rpm 9GB Cheetah disk drives to its GigaRAID line of Application Specific Architecture (ASA) disk arrays. The ASA arrays can be tailored to specific applications, such as on-line transaction processing, on-line analytical processing, video graphics, and seismic processing. GigaRAID subsystems are now available with Ultra SCSI and Fibre Channel controllers. A high-end GigaRAID configuration with 864GB, six host connections, 768MB of
nStor bundles Java-based monitoring software
nStor`s AdminiStor Manager is a Java-based applet that allows storage administrators to monitor and manage nStor`s disk arrays over the Web. The software is integrated into the company`s AdminiStor Storage Management Software Suite. AdminiStor Agents provide subsystem status alerts via SNMP, network broadcast, and paging services. Monitored components include controllers, channels, drives, cabinet enclosures, fans, power supplies and temperature, and read/write performance of the array. AdminiSt
Tuning RAID for DBMS
IT organizations must devote more time to storage, particularly database applications, and tune storage subsystems to optimize application performance.
The Network is the Storage
To reap the benefits of SANs, you have to figure out how they fit in with your existing LAN, WAN, and enterprise infrastructures.
The Benefits of Data Replication/Sharing
Data replication/sharing provides a number of benefits to large enterprises--but there are a number of hurdles to clear.
Storage Dimensions adds RAID, DLT
Upping the capacity and speed of its entry-level and mid-range RAID systems, Storage Dimensions has added 9.1GB 7,200rpm drives to its RAIDPro line and 10,000rpm drives to its SuperFlex family.
A new type of network is emerging, called the storage-area network (SAN), that has radically different characteristics than traditional local- and wide-area networks. Traditional LANs/WANs provide connectivity between desktops and applications, while SANs provide connectivity between applications and storage.
RAID market consolidating; Artecon, Storage Dimensions merge
The RAID market is growing at a healthy clip (22% growth last year, with total revenue around $16 billion), yet further vendor consolidation is expected over the next few years. The most recent example is the merger of Artecon Inc. and Storage Dimensions Inc. Artecon, in Carlsbad, CA, targets the Unix market, while Storage Dimensions, Milpitas, CA, concentrates primarily on the NetWare and Windows NT PC-LAN arena. Based on recent revenue figures, the merger is expected to result in a company wit
Put the "Server" into "Storage Area Network"
Before the Fibre Channel community started using the SAN acronym for STORAGE- area network, systems vendors used SAN to represent SYSTEM-area networks. Unfortunately, as the popularity of the term storage-area network has increased, vendors have often neglected to include server/host issues in their definition and discussions of SANs. It`s because of this critical link--the link between servers and storage--that I have continued to use the term server-storage network in lieu of storage-area netw
PLC enhances StackOS
Programmed Logic Corp. last month enhanced its StackOS embedded operating system, which is designed for storage-optimized devices in the network-attached storage (NAS) and storage-area network (SAN) markets. OEMs such as Creative Design Solutions and Retrieve Inc. use StackOS in their storage servers. More OEM announcements are expected over the next several months.
MegaDrive intros RAID-0/1/0+1/3/5 array
With 16MB of controller cache and four 9GB drives, the EV-200 is priced at $14,764. Sporting fault-tolerant features such as redundant, hot-swappable components, global hot-spare support, automatic monitoring, and event notification, MegaDrive`s EV-200 subsystem can be configured for simultaneous support of RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, and 5. The 40MBps Ultra SCSI array is based on MegaDrive`s Enterprise E-8 modules and supports a variety of drives, including 3.5-inch 10,000rpm drives and 5.25-inch
Cybernetics adds RAID, DLT library
Available in capacities ranging from 32GB to 378GB, Cybernetics` CY-RDA RAID subsystems come with an Ultra SCSI interface for data transfer rates of up to 40MBps. The systems can be configured with 8, 24, or 42 disk drives. Following a trend in the RAID market, the CY-RDA comes with a management interface that allows administrators to manage the systems via a Web browser or over an Ethernet connection. An embedded management controller allows monitoring and analysis of drives, power supplies,
Long Live SCSI!
There`s been a lot of talk recently about storage-area networks (SANs). The discussions often center on Fibre Channel, as though it`s the only interface for building a SAN. It`s not.
IT Benefits from SANs
Storage-area networks can be particularly advantageous in applications such as backup and restore, archiving and retrieval, data migration, database mirroring, and data sharing.
Introducing Storage Area Networks
Here`s a primer to get you started in understanding the benefits of SAN, SAS, and NAS architectures.
IBM and STK shake DOJ
The U.S. Department of Justice recently ended an 18-month antitrust investigation into an OEM contract signed between IBM and Storage Technology in mid-1996. The agreement allowed IBM to resell a variety of STK`s high-end disk storage products, including the Ramac Virtual Array (RVA), originally developed as STK`s "Iceberg." The DOJ`s primary concern was that the original agreement would unfairly reduce competition in the market for mainframe-based disk arrays because it teamed two of the four l
How to Optimize RAID for VLDB
In the second of a three-part series, two IT administrators give tips for tuning RAID subsystems for very large databases; in this case, Oracle.
Godzillas Best Friend: High-Speed Storage at Centropolis
A DST tape system may have a higher buy-in cost than some competing technologies, but it quickly pays for itself in increased productivity.
GigaLabs extends SCSI, offers Fibre Channel alternative
Going against the grain of Fibre Channel fervor, GigaLabs Inc. last month began shipping a SCSI switch that may cause some companies to rethink their potential migration from SCSI to Fibre Channel. GigaLabs, in Sunnyvale, CA, is well-known in the supercomputing arena for its high-speed HIPPI switches. The company`s SCSI-based Jigsaw storage networking switch can handle both bus and protocol switching in a device with latency times of less than one microsecond.
Emulex offers non-OFC option
Emulex has added a non-OFC (Open Fiber Control) connection option to its LightPulse family of PCI Fibre Channel host adapters (LP6000) and arbitrated loop hubs (LH2000). The LP6000 can be installed with a non-OFC GLM option, while the LH2000 series hubs can automatically detect the interface type to provide connections to both OFC and non-OFC interfaces. The auto-configuring feature in the hubs was developed in conjunction with Finisar Corp.
EMC extends SRDF
EMC has extended its Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) remote mirroring software with a no-charge add-on module called FarPoint. EMC claims to have shipped more than 2,000 SRDF licenses. FarPoint software increases performance by allowing Symmetrix storage systems to stream multiple records consecutively over communications lines, which also reduces telecommunications costs because it requires fewer lines.
Verbatim bundles document imaging system
Available with either magneto-optical (MO) or CD-ReWritable drives and a flatbed scanner, Verbatim`s SS600 turnkey solution is targeted at document imaging, management, and storage applications. The bundle includes OptiDoc software, which combines Caere optical character recognition (OCR) and Sybase database technology. The 20-page-per-minute system is compatible with Windows 95 and Windows NT. Price: $3,499.