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Aiwa goes retail with 10GB tape drive
Taking aim at removable storage vendors such as Iomega, Aiwa America plans to ship a 5GB (10GB with data compression) Travan-based tape drive to the retail channel sometime in July. Expected to be priced at $149, or one cent per 3MB in full capacity, the new Bolt drive uses Travan technology with Aiwa`s own recording format. The one-inch-high drive is compatible with Travan TR-3 cartridges in both 750-foot and 1,200-foot tape lengths, although the cartridges need to be reformatted. Rather than a
RAID breathes new life into SSD
The continuing emergence of RAID has helped breathe new life into solid-state disks (SSD), a technology first developed in the 1960s and once considered far too expensive for most computing environments.
Whats Next for SANs?
Going beyond the hardware infrastructure, SANs require applications, services, and management capabilities.
What is "Enterprise RAID?"
The RAID market can be divided into three categories: internal commodity RAID, where the controller is typically PCI-based; external commodity RAID subsystems, which scale up to 15 drives and support only one server; and enterprise RAID, which offers virtually unlimited scalability and heterogeneous server support.
Veritas enhances NetBackup
Aiming to provide continuous data access, and claiming zero downtime, Veritas Software has beefed up its NetBackup software with a number of features, including:
The Future of Storage Is Networked
When you ask information technology (IT) professionals for their storage technology "wish list," the future sounds remarkably like the past. IT professionals want to reduce the cost of deploying and managing storage. They want to easily reallocate storage among applications as needed. Finally, they want to improve the storage infrastructure without disrupting it: evolution, not revolution. So, what else is new?
Tecmar bundles NS8 drives, software
Tecmar Technologies, a subsidiary of TTI Holding Inc. this month began shipments of a bundled hardware/software solution based on its Travan NS8 tape drives. The OfficeBackup bundle comes in two versions: workstation and server.
Tape options expand; midrange getting crowded
Last month, a number of announcements from prominent tape drive manufacturers muddied the waters in the midrange segment. The result: You`ll have a lot more tape technology options within the next year or so, further confusing an already confusing decision.
Storage prominent at Networld+Interop
Storage vendors garnered considerable attention earlier this month at the Networld+Interop show, May 4 to 8 in Las Vegas. Not surprisingly, most of them showcased the speed and connectivity virtues of Fibre Channel.
Storage Dimensions addresses fault tolerance
Eliminating a single point of failure, Storage Dimensions` SuperFlex uses a dual active RAID controller design in an enclosure that can scale to as much as 2TB. The RAID array is designed for Windows NT environments, including clustered configurations. In addition to fault tolerance, dual controllers enable load balancing among logical drives. The controllers come with 32MB to 128MB of cache each.
STK combines RAID, tape
Hoping to expand its presence in the open systems RAID market while leveraging its strengths in tape libraries, Storage Technology is expected to begin shipments this month of its OPENstorage system. The Windows NT-compatible storage server combines StorageTek`s 9730 DLT tape library with the new 9153 RAID array, and includes the company`s NetSentry Remote security products.
Stac backs it up with Replica
Stac Inc. this month introduced the Replica Network Data Manager (NDM) data protection suite. Based on the company`s compression technology, Replica NDM is designed to decrease network traffic and lower storage management costs. Replica NDM provides backup protection to networked Windows 95 and NT workstations by transmitting altered data over the wire to a central information vault. Disaster recovery capabilities allow for restores from a LAN for any damaged PC hard drive or one requiring repl
Spectra Logic enhances Alexandria
Aimed at very large distributed databases and data center applications, Version 4.0 of Spectra Logic`s Alexandria backup/recovery software offers a number of improvements in the areas of flexibility, scalability, and functionality. Examples:
SPC tackles storage benchmarking
With storage no longer an afterthought in IT environments, a new consortium has recently formed to address issues such as storage optimization, benchmarking, and standards. After several months of planning, the Storage Performance Council (SPC) recently finalized its charter. SPC administrators hope to build a diverse membership base within the storage industry, including the corporate end-user community as well as storage manufacturers, resellers, and integrators.
Procom expands NAS line
This month, Procom Technology expanded its network-attached storage (NAS) product line by introducing the DataFORCE 200 CD-ROM server, which is compatible with Windows NT, NetWare and OS/2 platforms, as well as TCP/IP and IPX protocols. The server includes security features for NDS, NT Domain Services, and NIS for Unix. Fast Ethernet and Token Ring versions are available. Pricing starts at $7,299.
ATL unveils high-end DLT libraries
ATL Products last month announced the P3000 series of DLT libraries, designed for enterprise-level, high-availability applications such as data warehousing and image archiving. The P3000 contains up to 16 drives, delivering 288GB-per-hour data transfer rates with as many as 332 cartridges holding up to 11.6TB. The library contains single-connector, hot-plug DLT drives; redundant, hot-swappable power supplies; redundant AC power sources, and user-replaceable fans. The P3000 implements ATL`s Prism
Pioneer boosts DVD specs
Providing twice the speed of first-generation DVD-ROM drives, Pioneer New Media Technologies` DVD-102 is a DVD-2 device with a transfer rate equivalent to 20X CD-ROM drives. Compatibility includes DVD-Video, DVD-R, CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW. Available with either an ATAPI or SCSI interface (model DVD-302), the drive provides an average seek time of 120msec and an average access time of less than 150msec with DVD-ROM discs. Aimed primarily at OEMs and resellers, the drive has a suggested list pric
nStor introduces Fibre Channel array
nStor is now shipping the CR8F, an external eight-bay RAID array with support for 4GB, 9GB, and 18GB Fibre Channel disk drives. In one enclosure, the CR8F can hold up to 144GB. Overall, up to 16 devices can be combined on a Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop, providing more than 2TB of data storage. Included in the CR8F are hot-swappable fans, disk drives, power supplies, and loop resiliency circuits (LRCs). The hot-swappable LRC I/O cards handle the Fibre Channel re-timing and clock recovery on both
Its Time for a SAN Reality Check
The hardware infrastructure is in place, but the storage area network puzzle is still missing a lot of pieces.
Is There Enough Fibre and SAN in Your Diet?
Sensing new revenue possibilities and higher margins, the vendor community is caught up in Fibre Channel fervor. This emerging interface, and the closely related storage area network (SAN) concept, look good on paper, but we wondered whether anybody was actually using this stuff. So we sent John Haystead in search of IT sites that are in pioneering mode (see this month`s cover story, "Who`s Catching the Fibre Channel Wave?").
IBM Global Services Relies on Fibre Channel
Big Blue`s systems integration division installed a Fibre Channel network for maximum speed and reliability.
HP ships 5.2GB MO jukebox
Hewlett-Packard this month began shipments of its SureStore optical jukeboxes with 5.2GB magneto-optical drives and media, which provide a 2x increase in capacity and transfer rate over existing 2.6GB MO devices. The capacity increase is possible because of a 1.35x improvement in track pitch, a doubling of the sector size, and a 1.23x increase in recording area.
Fibre Channel Meets IT Challenges
The emerging network/storage interface may be the only hope for IT managers faced with booming storage capacities and burgeoning management costs.
Fibre channel coming to tape libraries
While tape library vendors don`t expect full implementation for another year or two, they are beginning to leverage the speed, device connectivity, and longer cable distances of the Fibre Channel storage/network interface. Most of the leading tape library manufacturers say they plan to offer Fibre Channel connectivity later this year. One library vendor, ADIC, already supports the emerging interface through a SCSI-to-Fibre Channel bridge.
EMC doubles Symmetrix capacity
Last month, EMC doubled the capacity of its high-end Symmetrix 5700/3700 Enterprise Storage systems by utilizing 47GB disk drives. The arrays now pack up to 6TB with 128 disk drives. System footprint is 17.3 square feet. Pricing for the Symmetrix 5700/3700 systems with the 47GB drives ranges from $1 million to $4.7 million. www.emc.com
DataDirect builds soup-to-nuts SAN
DataDirect Networks is taking aim at image-intensive applications with a new architecture dubbed Concurrent Data Networking Architecture (CDNA). Essentially a Fibre Channel-based storage area network (SAN), CDNA provides data sharing across Unix, Windows NT, and Mac OS platforms.
Data Sharing: Storage as a Strategic Tool
Today`s skyrocketing volumes of corporate data traffic present a potential gold mine of competitive opportunity. As storage technology evolves to incorporate advanced capabilities such as data sharing, it is emerging as an unexpected strategic tool for tapping this opportunity.
Breece intros NT-based tape libraries
Breece Hill Technologies recently began shipments of its Saguaro DLT tape libraries, which are bundled with the Windows NT 4.0 operating system and Pentium processors. The NT desktop is displayed on a 12-inch, touch-screen color LCD panel. The libraries can be configured with a Fibre Channel interface and implemented as network-attached storage devices, or in multi-host configurations.
Auspex upgrades NAS servers
This quarter, Auspex Systems will announce its NetServer NS7000/800 and NetServer System Software v. 1.9.2 with Cisco Fast EtherChannel support. The new release delivers 800 megabits-per-second throughput, load balancing, and transparent network failover on existing network infrastructures through its support of Fast EtherChannel switching technology. The system`s ability to manage large file sizes (up to 1TB) is aimed at customers who use modeling and simulation, seismic interpretation, MCAD, a
Whos Catching the Fibre Channel Wave?
Early adopters such as Home Depot and the Kansas City Chiefs are taking advantage of the benefits of Fibre Channel in innovative applications.