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Last month, Agilent Technologies and Adaptec announced a co-development and marketing agreement to sell Fibre Channel host bus adapters for Windows NT servers.
Maxtor announces NAS upgrades, future plans
Four months after moving into the network-attached storage (NAS) market, Maxtor Corp. began shipping second-generation NAS appliances.
Windows 2000 improves storage management
While the merits and flaws of the Windows NT operating system will continue to be debated, few can dispute its impact on the storage industry.
Veritas targets Unix workgroup backup
Filling a void in low-end markets, Veritas last month began shipping NetBackup BusinesServer 3.3 for workgroups, particularly Unix environments.
Users warming up to SAN benefits
User awareness of, and willingness to implement, storage area networks (SANs) has come a long way in the last year.
Tandberg Data to acquire Breece Hill
In the first of several anticipated announcements, Tandberg Data last month said it plans to acquire tape automation manufacturer Breece Hill Technologies for a reported $12 million, which includes $5.9 million for outstanding shares of Breece Hill stock and some $5 million in Breece Hill debt.
Sterling offers top-to-bottom management software
Last month, Sterling Software joined the growing list of vendors laying out penthouse-to-pavement storage management initiatives.
SRM software eases storage management
You can use storage resource management software to plan for, and to manage, SANs.
SANs enable Internet-related businesses
Potential advantages include better backup and replication, centralized management, scalability, and sharing of resources, files, and data.
Emerging SAN management models
Management is a major concern among SAN adopters. Domain management provides the necessary control for optimum performance, security, and data availability.
This month, Gadzoox Networks began shipping an eight-port Fibre Channel switch priced at $4,995.
Legato partners with HighGround for SRM
On the heels of receiving a $20 million equity investment from Compaq, HighGround Systems has announced a technology partnership with Legato Systems.
Intel ships RAID building blocks
Recognizing that most low-cost servers and workstations do not include RAID functionality, Intel last month enhanced its I/O portfolio with a RAID reference design kit and controller.
Inside Jiro storage management
Jiro technology is one way for developers and administrators to simplify storage management in heterogeneous environments.
InfiniBand and Fibre Channel: competition or coexistence?
InfiniBand is the latest name for the next-generation server I/O interconnect.
IBM targets OEM subsystem market
In a bold-but predicted-move, IBM is moving beyond its direct sales strategy and is for the first time taking aim at the OEM storage subsystem market.
IBM files suit against EMC
IBM filed suit against EMC in late December alleging EMC violated a 1999 patent cross-licensing agreement and illegally transferred disputed patents to a shell company.
Hewlett-Packard "toasterizes" network storage
With margins for storage devices as thin as gold leaf, Quantum and Maxtor are among the HDD manufacturers moving into the value-added space of network-attached storage (NAS).
Goodbye Fibre Channel, hello InfiniBand?
Over the past couple years, the nascent Fibre Channel storage area network (SAN) industry has grown from an idea (not necessarily a new one) to a multi-billion dollar market opportunity.
Frequently asked questions about RAID
Controllers are the "brains" of RAID subsystems. Understanding how they work is key to choosing the best array for your applications.
NEWS: And the winners are . . .
At the recent I/O Technologies Forum and Server I/O conference, Compaq's Richard Lary received the Lifetime Achievement Award based on his contributions to I/O technology development.
NEWS: Legato begins online SAN training
Last month, Legato Systems became the first software provider to offer free, product-independent storage area network (SAN) training sessions via the Internet.
NEWS: SAN-based backup for NAS
The proverbial thud being heard throughout IT shops is the sound of a closing backup window
NEWS: SNIA launches NAS working group
The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) last month announced the formation of a network-attached storage (NAS) working group in an effort to standardize technology and terminology.