Industry News and Analysis

12x CD opens up new applications
The recent addition of 12x recording speeds to CD-R media and CD-RW drives is expected to generate new choices for end users and OEMs not satisfied with previous transfer rates
HP enters midrange NAS market
Late last month, Hewlett-Packard an-nounced the NetStorage 6000, a department-level network-attached storage (NAS) device that could fill a significant gap between entry-level (sub-$10,000) and high-end NAS devices.
Storage utilities: The next disruptive technology
When Clayton Christiansen began researching the concept of disruptive technologies, the storage industry's checkered history of triumphant startups and apocryphal bankruptcies proved fertile ground
SANs and sensibility: Back to IP
For the past two years, the storage area network (SAN) has been the darling architecture of the storage industry and the trade press.
S-A-N, R-O-I, M-O-N-E-Y
If you're an IT manager tasked with making storage purchases, you're probably up to speed on the potential benefits of storage area networks. But you're also probably wondering what the payback will be, and how long it will take
OSTA approves MultiRead 2 spec
Last month, members of the Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA) ratified an updated MultiRead specification, extending guidelines for compatibility between drives and media for CD, DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM formats.
Maxtor forges an attachment for network storage
With the price per megabyte for high-capacity Ultra ATA storage devices slipping below a penny per megabyte, how is it that Maxtor has found a way to sell storage at a 250% markup and make that seem like a bargain?
LAN-free, server-less backup benefits
Storage area networks allow you to offload backup processing from the primary network and host systems.
Hub and switch shipments surge IDC predicts 92% CAGR
Last year, a number of factors-including Y2K concerns and lack of interoperability between Fibre Channel components- hobbled end-user adoption of storage area networks (SANs)
HP pushes storage-on-demand
This month, Hewlett-Packard expanded its on-demand storage services and announced software upgrades for its SureStore E Disk Array XP256.
Hall-Mark forms storage unit, recruits VARs
Distributor Hall-Mark Global Solu-tions has announced plans to build a storage-centric VAR network focused on providing storage area network (SAN) products.
@Backup changes name, expands focus
Last month, Web-based backup storage provider @Backup changed its name to SkyDesk, reflecting the company's plan to broaden its product and market scopes. As its first order of business, SkyDesk introduced virtual storage services tailored toward workgroups and departments
Gadzoox acquires SmartSAN
Last month, Gadzoox Networks acquired SmartSAN Systems, a privately held vendor of multi-protocol routers and management software. Gadzoox hopes in part to differentiate itself from its hub and switch competitors, such as Ancor, Brocade, and Vixel
Fibre Channel interoperability testing
Multi-vendor testing proves that the industry has come a long way in solving interoperability and compatibility challenges.
Fibre Channel comes to tape Exabyte, STK announce "native" FC drives
Although integral components of storage area networks (SANs), until recently tape drives have relied on bridges or routers to perform necessary SCSI to Fibre Channel conversion
Fibre Channel comes to tape
Although integral components of storage area networks (SANs), until recently tape drives have relied on brid-ges or routers to perform necessary SCSI to Fibre Channel conversion
Extended virtual tape optimizes HSM
Outboard storage management techniques can eliminate some of the drawbacks of hierarchical storage management.
This month, IBM began volume shipments of 75GB hard disk drives. The record-setting capacity is achieved largely through the use of glass platters, as opposed to traditional aluminum platters, which allows a recording density of up to 14.3 billion bits per square inch
Corporate Profiles
Cranel offers complete end-to-end storage management solutions that meet today's complex requirements to manage, access, and protect business-critical information. Utilizing more than fourteen years of experience
Calculating SAN return on investment
An analysis of the financial benefits of implementing storage area networks.
Breece Hill Technologies has announced support for Quantum's Super DLTtape technology.
Users, vendors seek SAN training
As storage area networks (SANs) become more mainstream, an increasing number of end users, integrators, and even vendors are seeking help to better understand the involved technologies