Industry News and Analysis

SPC releases I/O benchmark
The Storage Performance Council (SPC), an independent consortium of storage hardware and software vendors, recently released for industry review a hard disk-based subsystem benchmark.
New Products
Targeting network-attached storage (NAS) leader Network Appliance, LSI Logic last month unleashed its N-Series line of NAS servers, which can scale from 54GB to more than 17TB using 73GB Seagate disk drives
Veritas virtualizes storage Compaq's VersaStor due next year
Veritas Software recently introduced SANPoint Control storage virtualization software, representing the first storage area network (SAN) management suite to emerge from its V3 initiative announced last Fall
Three models for SAN-based data sharing
In the last of a three-part series, we delve into installable file system approaches to data sharing.
Sun re-enters NAS market
Sun Microsystems, a pioneering network-attached storage (NAS) vendor, re-entered the NAS server market last month by introducing the StorEdge N8000 filer line, which supports the NFS and CIFS protocols
StorNet and Vangard to merge
Storage integrators StorNet Inc. and Vangard Technology have agreed to merge their respective businesses. While terms of the agreement were not disclosed, the companies combined for more than $160 million in 1999 revenues
SSPs bring new service models
Today's IT shops suffer from several storage-related maladies, with symptoms such as relentless capacity and access demands, a significant skills shortage, and complex storage network implementations
SRM feature check list
Before you commit your entire Web storage to an e-storage service, make sure it has built these storage resource management (SRM) features into its storage infrastructure
Shugart to enter testing market
Next month, Irvine, CA-based Shugart Technology Inc. (STI) will enter the market for storage testing tools with the introduction of the first in a series of test, monitoring and analysis software suites, FIBREcalc and SCSIcalc. STI was founded in late 1998
SAN/NAS Q&A with Steve Duplessie
The following Q&A session was excerpted from an online chat session hosted by searchstorage.com, a Web-based search engine site for storage-related articles and information
RAID cost/performance trade-offs
Buyers face a plethora of choices in interfaces, with Fibre Channel making inroads on the front end of high-performance RAID arrays and SCSI continuing to dominate at the drive level
Next-gen tape battles: Exabyte's Mammoth-2
For the next generation of enterprise-class tape systems, the battle lines are being drawn among LTO, backed by HP, IBM, and Seagate; SuperDLT, backed by Quantum; and Mammoth-2, backed by Exabyte
MTI partners with Veritas
MTI Technology and Veritas Software have announced a broad marketing and development partnership under which MTI will integrate a number of Veritas' software packages into its line of Vivant storage servers
Appliances ease SAN implementation, management
A growing number of vendors are jumping on the SAN appliance bandwagon. These hardware-software devices, sometimes referred to as storage domain managers, are designed to simplify building and managing heterogeneous storage area networks by creating a virtual storage pool
IBM re-focuses SAN strategy
IBM continues to move forward in its plan to dramatically change the way it goes to market with its storage area network (SAN) products. Under the leadership of Linda Sanford, the recently appointed general manager of the Storage Systems Division
HP adds to XP arrays
Earlier this month, Hewlett-Packard added to its high-end XP disk array line when it started shipping the HP SureStore e XP512 array, which provides heterogeneous storage and server consolidation and a link between legacy mainframes and open systems
Hierarchical storage management: the basics
HSM software can reduce labor costs and total cost of ownership by automatically handling data migration and demigration.
HarvardNet relies on homegrown SRM
Building homegrown storage resource management (SRM) tools has helped New England's major provider of digital subscriber lines (DSL) to grow and to maintain its flagship business-Web hosting
Focus on SAN management
For the past year or two, the main impediments to implementing storage area networks (SANs), according to users, have been high cost of entry, lack of interoperability, and lack of SAN management tools
Disaster recovery planning strategies
Electronic vaulting can save time and money while ensuring data protection.
CrosStor unifies NAS and SAN
CrosStor Software Inc. (formerly Programmed Logic Corp.) recently announced "CrosStor SAN," OEM software that provides an extension to the company's widely deployed "CrosStor NAS" technology
Compaq launches storage utility services
As more startup storage service providers (SSPs) continue to dot the landscape, a more familiar vendor, Compaq Computer, has launched its own storage utility
Business Briefs
Last month, <B>MTI Technology</B> and <B>Veritas Software</B> announced some joint development and certification agreements, including marketing and development programs designed to enhance MTI's DataServices software in areas such as data replication, backup, and data management
Brocade, Cisco team on SAN-IP-SAN connectivity
Last month, the leader in Fibre Channel switches and the leader in IP switching teamed up in a multi-phased technology development agreement that will enable IT shops to interconnect storage area networks (SANs) over IP-based metropolitan and wide area networks
Benefits of SAN-based file system sharing
Software that allows users to share file systems in storage area network environments may reduce total cost of ownership
With e-services, SRM takes many directions
Web hosting services. Internet service providers. Net sourcers. How do these e-services providers manage server availability, storage growth, and capacity optimization?