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A realistic view of IP-based SANs
A number of storage-over-IP initiatives exist, but tall technology hurdles remain.
Letter to the Editor: EtherStorage will support TCP . . .
This letter is in response to an article that appeared in InfoStor's September issue, "Drawing the lines on IP storage networking", written by Marc Farley
Veritas adds server-less backup
Veritas Software recently announced its Vertex Initiative, a phased-in strategy that is based largely on the company's snapshot backup technology. Snapshots provide "frozen image" or "point-in-time" copies of data for backup and restore applications.
Top 10 requirements for tomorrow's storage systems
The focus will be on availability, manageability, application integration, and heterogeneous interoperability.
The case for "storage assurance providers"
Storage services providers are embracing different models for delivery.
SSP players proliferate-market to explode
New storage service providers (SSPs) are popping up on almost a weekly basis. Although the market for SSPs, also known as storage outsourcers or storage utilities, is still unproven, industry analysts predict huge growth
Quantum, Maxtor spar in low-end NAS market
The low-end (workgroup) network-attached storage (NAS) market may be bordering on commodity status, but that doesn't mean the price-capacity-performance wars are letting up
Q&A: SSPs and storage outsourcing
The following Q&A session was excerpted from an online chat session with David Hill, research director, Aberdeen Group. The session was hosted by searchstorage.com, a Web-based search engine site for storage-related articles and information
Nishan readies SoIP switches
In May, startup Nishan Systems promised to ship "Storage over IP" (SoIP) products by year-end, and the company may actually beat that deadline by delivering IP storage switches as early as next month
NetConvergence eyes IP SANs
NetConvergence recently became one of the more vocal proponents of IP-centric storage area networks (SANs), hoping to establish a quick lead in the emerging IP storage field
Microsoft supports HDS/McDATA SAN
At the recent Microsoft Enterprise 2000 conference, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), McDATA and Microsoft announced a "Trusted Solution Platform" designed to overcome a litany of problems associated with Microsoft Exchange (V5.5) and SQL Server in large enterprise environments
Maxtor/Quantum merger signals consolidation
The upcoming merger of Maxtor and Quantum's hard disk drive (HDD) division early next year portends a growing trend toward greater consolidation in the storage industry - a trend dictated by razor-thin margins and intense competition
Making Windows 2000 I/O more robust
Particularly in Fibre Channel environments, one solution is alternate path software, which provides multiple-path management and load balancing.
Inside the Fibre Channel MIB
The MIB enables users to manage Fibre Channel components in heterogeneous storage area networks.
Alacritech accelerates TCP/IP storage
Start-up veteran Larry Boucher (founder of companies such as Adaptec and Auspex) has launched a new company called Alacritech
IEEE approves first storage standards
The IEEE Computer Society recently passed its first storage systems standards. Approved were four standards describing key components of the IEEE Media Management System (MMS), including its architecture, data model, and protocols for media, drive, and library management
IBM, Compaq begin joint product rollouts
IBM recently announced the first product rollout associated with its strategic agreement with Compaq. Based on Compaq's Storage Works Modular Array 8000, IBM's Modular Storage Server (MSS) is a high-end disk array
IBM enters storage outsourcing arena
IBM's Global Services division recently announced that it was entering the "hosted and managed storage services" game with a wide range of on-demand storage and storage management services
Happy Anniversary, InfoStor!
This issue marks three-year anniversary. Our growth has paralleled the explosive growth in the storage industry, which has been fueled by a number of exciting trends.
Geophysicists use NAS to lift productivity 70%
Network-attached storage benefits include improved performance, faster access times, and file sharing.
From server appliances to cluster appliances
Cluster appliances are expected to emerge with a number of approaches, ranging from shared-nothing architectures to shared-everything configurations.
Dot.com company opts for storage outsourcing
TeVeo Inc. turned to Intira for outsourcing services that include demanding storage requirements.
Connex simplifies SAN management
Last month, Connex released version 1.0 of its SANavigator software, which is designed for managing heterogeneous storage area networks (SANs)
<b>Nishan Systems</b>-one of the pioneers of Storage over IP (SoIP)-last month received an additional $50 million in venture capital, bringing total funding to some $90 million
Backup with BRU and Mammoth-2
OpenBench Labs fires up EST's Backup and Restore Utility for a Linux-based backup test.
ATA Goes Beyond the Desktop
Once viewed as strictly a desktop or mobile play, parallel IDE-specifically, Ultra ATA/100-has been making great strides in traditional high-end SCSI markets
Vicom enters SAN virtualization market
Vicom Systems, a San Jose-based developer of storage area network (SAN) routers for use with SSA, SCSI, and Fibre Channel systems (10,000+ systems in the field), has announced some major expansions to its product line